To bring in more users, Google has added a number of innovative multilingual search means for its Google Search app.

The move will help users find more information on the topics they search, and should reduce language barriers for many.

The app will now allow users to find directions in one language, say French, search for an Italian recipe in Italian and all while checking the local weather in English, according to Google. The update should help those people who can speak more than one language and want to have a more localized search result based on the language of their choosing.

"For many people out there, speaking just one language isn't enough. More than half the world's population speaks two or more languages," Android software engineer David Eustis wrote in a blog post. "And now Google can keep up."

Eustis says once a search is made in the specific language, the Google Search app "will understand you no matter which one [language] you choose."

While Google Search had already allowed users to search in 50 languages, users were forced to change the language manually each time they conducted a new search. This was seen as tedious and many users were not pleased.

But now, the latest update rectifies this issue, making it so users do not have to switch their language settings each time they want to search in a new language. Now, there's a one-time change to settings and after that all that is needed is for the user to write their search in the language of their choosing and then the search will take place without needing to change language manually.

"Give it a try on your Android device -- make sure you have the latest Google Search App (version 3.6) from the Play Store," Eustis says. "Then, open Google Settings from your device's apps menu, tap Search & Now -> Voice -> Languages, and select your languages."

However, users cannot use multiple languages in one search, at least for the time being -- one language per sentence. "Enough to satisfy all but the most advanced polyglots," Eustis says.

The announcement of the update comes as Google appears to be updating many of its systems, including its search results algorithms. That will see better search results on encrypted websites using the HTTPS directory, Tech Times reports.

With the company getting back to its basics on search platforms, the hope is that it will help generate new ideas and continue to make it easier for users' to perform desired tasks.

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