Like or loathe him, Donald Trump is generating plenty of buzz on Google and Twitter during this 2016 presidential campaign.

In an Associated Press Election Buzz data post powered by Google and Twitter, each of the technology companies key in on peaking online activity swirling around what has been one very controversial 2016 United States presidential race. Perhaps ... the most controversial race for Commander-in-Chief of all time.

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that Trump has captured a 59.9 percentage share of search interest on Google among all candidates in the past 24 hours, with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton far behind with 13.1 percent and 10.3 percent, respectively. Trump is quite easily the most controversial candidate in the race, and controversy has been known to spark conversation — or in this case, plenty of Google searches and tweets.

Over on Twitter, Trump is dominating, too, capturing 58.9 percent of the conversation as the most-mentioned candidate in the 2016 presidential race over the past 24 hours. Similar to what Google's search trends are showing, Sanders and Clinton trail with 13.7 percent and 12.8 percent, respectively, of the tweets among the candidates in the race.

As for particular moments, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie competing against Trump — only to turn around and endorse the businessman late last month stood as a peak moment on both Google's Political Index and Twitter's Election Conversation data, as people had plenty of reaction over a story that they had to seemingly see to believe themselves, before going off with their reactions about it.

When it came to Search Interest for Issues on Google and the Most Mentioned Issues on Twitter, that's where the tech companies sharply contrast.

Google users have seemingly been most interested in searching government budget recently, while Twitter users have been weighing in the most about energy and the environment, followed by national security, foreign affairs and immigration.

The best thing about this AP Election Buzz data powered by Google and Twitter is that it's constantly being updated in real-time. 

That's precisely why it shouldn't come as a surprise that Trump — with his knack for saying something controversial on seemingly a daily basis — is both amassing more Google searches than any other candidate and being the most tweeted as well. 

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