A market has grown around Pebble since the company rode a crowdfunded wave of success into prominence in the smartwatch market. To celebrate a string of new success and to hold its ground against the new players, Pebble is taking $50 price reduction on two of its top smartwatches.

The Pebble Time Round has been cut down from $250 to $200, while the Pebble Time's price has shrunk from $200 to $150. Those who ordered one of the two watches on or after Jan. 21, 2016 via the company's website will also benefit from the price cut, as Pebble says it'll "happily adjust" the prices to reflect the drops.

The price of the Pebble Time Steel, however, didn't receive a cut and will remain at $250 - it really is hard to cut through steel.

Along with the price slash, Pebble also expanded sales of the watches to retailers in the UK and EU. The company also adjusted the prices of the watches to account for VAT and import fees, so that the price tags of the watches in the EU and UK are more closely aligned with those in other regions.

While it's apparent Pebble has to keep its pricing competitive, the company pointed to the success of Pebble Health as the reason it brought down the prices of the Time and Time Round.

"Well loved and widely acclaimed, Pebble Health is the latest super power to land on users' wrists," says Pebble.

Ever since the launch in December, the seamless step and sleep tracking have been the favorite feature of most users. Pebble adds that more than 90 percent of users have activated Pebble Health, wherein no less than two-thirds have been using it every week.

On the horizon, Pebble has new insights for running activities a dedicated Health section of the companion app.

"We want as many people as possible living more actively and sleeping better with Pebble Health," Pebble says. "Making the Time-series watches with Pebble Health more affordable is a big step in that direction."

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