A roller coaster is a pretty exhilarating experience on its own. However, Six Flags is claiming to enhance the thrill by using virtual reality.

On Thursday, the renowned theme park company launched the New Revolution — what it claims to be North America's first virtual reality roller coaster, bringing the groundbreaking technology to nine of its parks.

Thrill-seekers will strap on a pair of Samsung Gear VR headsets, powered by Oculus, adding to the adrenaline rush of a roller coaster's whipping turns, steep drops and inverted loops in an immersive 360-degree virtual reality environment. The New Revolution's theme will have riders assuming the role of co-pilot on a fighter jet, diving in loops at 60 miles per hour to battle aliens. Take a look at the experience in the video that Six Flags released.

As part of the announcement, Six Flags also teases twisting through Metropolis on Superman-inspired virtual reality roller coasters (Superman the Ride, Superman Ride of Steel and Superman Krypton).

"On the new Superman Virtual Reality Roller Coaster experience, you'll be immersed in the comic-book world of Metropolis," Six Flags describes on its website. "You'll strap in for a sky tour of the city and soon encounter Lex Luthor after you take off from the station. This villain and his army of Lexbots use an anti-gravity gun to create chaos through the city. Superman comes along to destroy the anti-gravity gun, causing all the floating objects to suddenly fall — just as you're falling down the first giant drop on the coaster. As you twist, turn, loop, and dive along the coaster's track, you'll be soaring alongside Superman as he battles the Lexbots."

That being said, the ways that the theme park could incorporate virtual reality seems endless, especially with its plethora of super hero-inspired rides.

Until then, though, Six Flags specifies that its virtual reality coasters are for guests 13 and older. While we're sure the experience is awesome, we wonder if it's really necessary.

Part of the allure of a roller coaster is to be able to have your heart pump out of your chest, as you experience whipping, twisting turns and steep drops.

Wouldn't VR goggles being strapped onto your head take away from that first-person thrill of seeing everything for yourself?

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