Sony perfume bottle-shaped selfie camera surfaces on Weibo: Girls will love it, but is it for real?


Rumors are hitting the media world over a new smartphone from Sony that is being pushed as the world's most ideal "selfie phone" after prototype images allegedly show the new device, which is shaped like a perfume bottle.

Analysts say it is geared toward women. While almost every phone on the market today has the ability to snap a selfie, Sony is taking its Xperia C3 technology and the 5 MP front-facing camera to a new level with this rumored model.

The rumors surfaced after an image of a woman holding what appears to be a smartphone similar to how a make-up mirror is employed. The images have sparked much conversation over which direction Sony is heading with the new phone, but across the board, most analysts are ruling the phone out for men.

According to one report on the leaked images, the design has captured much of the attention for its almost uncanny appearance. But it also should be equipped with "an extremely thin bezel, while a rotating camera is located at the top of the handset. This particular camera seems as though it will swivel at a 260-degree angle, where it will transform from a back-facing camera to a front-facing one."

The images of the new phone were published on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo and allegedly confirm the new phone as a selfie delight. While apparently Sony has allowed a select number of users to try out the new device, it is unclear if the handset will be a traditional smartphone or mainly a device for snapping photos.

The device has yet to be named by Sony, but all information that has been published on it indicate it will have a 19.2-MP camera with a one and two-thirds-inch Exmor RS sensor that employs Sony G lens and OIS to get proper selfies taken.

It would appear that the move is geared directly toward the Chinese market, which Sony hopes will help jump-start sales and revenue after the company is expected $500 million in losses, Tech Times reports.

CEO Kazuo Hirai said the PlayStation 4 is likely to be the driving force for the company in the near future and that "it is likely that PS4 will become the platform which exceeds the profits earned with PS2," alluding to the massive appeal and success of its PS2 system, which lived as the flagship gaming system for over a decade, but was discontinued in early 2013.

Still, going after the selfie market may be a smart move for Sony, especially as the picture phenomenon continues to grow globally.

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