R.I.P. Tony Dyson: R2-D2's Original Builder Dies At 68


It is a melancholic day for the robotic and android population because one of its master builders who brought the iconic "Star Wars" droid R2-D2 to life passed away.

The highly skilled, 68-year-old robotics technician, Professor Tony Dyson, was found lifeless in his own home in Gozo, Malta, after his friends reported to police that he has not been seen for days. According to reports, Dyson's concerned neighbor also reported that his front door was left open, and when police made their way inside his residence, they found him dead inside.

The police say that there were no signs of foul play so Dyson may have died of natural causes but that an investigation has been launched to determine the actual cause of death.

Dyson was commissioned to build the original R2-D2 for the "Star Wars" saga and he built the master molds and eight variations for various uses within the film's plot, but that was not his only famous work. He also had a hand in building robots for "Superman 2," "Dragon Slayer" and "Moonraker."

Apart from his accomplishment seen on the silver screen, Dyson also designed machines for big technology companies including Phillips, Sony and Toshiba, and owns The White Horse Toy Company.

He is also gracious with his time and attends educational conventions to encourage people of all ages who are interested in robotics and comic conventions as a special guest. Not only that, he also offers an affordable online interview for educational institutions and educators who need professionals to guest part of the curriculum.

"What's special about Tony is that I don't think he'll ever grow up... and that makes him interested in almost everything," Dyson's wife said about the professor.

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