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Attention, Star Wars Fans: You Only Need $40 To Have R2-D2 Brew You A Cup Of Coffee Every Morning

Retail company ThinkGeek is now selling an R2-D2 Coffee Press, which is capable of brewing four cups of coffee per refill. It is now available for preorder and will begin shipping in December.

Smart Home October 10, 2016

This Hotel Lobby Door Thinks It's R2-D2 [Video]

An entrance to an unknown hotel lobby makes the same sound as the astromech droid, R2-D2, from 'Star Wars.'

Life & Style May 22, 2016

R.I.P. Tony Dyson: R2-D2's Original Builder Dies At 68

Professor Tony Dyson, the original builder of 'Star Wars' droid R2-D2 was found lifeless in his home in Malta. Police officers have ruled out foul play but say they will investigate to determine the cause of his death nonetheless.

Internet Culture March 5, 2016

Raspberry Pi Zero Projects: Xbox Controller, R2-D2, Beetbox And More

The Raspberry Foundation's Pi computers are fast becoming one of the most popular tech components available in the market. This can be attributed to Raspberry Pi boards' versatility and affordability compared to other similar programmable computers.

December 24, 2015

Watch This R2-D2 Drone Take To The Sky

An aerial cinematographer has built an R2-D2 drone that beeps and whistles, can capture footage through its camera eye and can fly.

Gadgets December 16, 2015

Alan Moore's Star Wars Episode IV: 'Rust Never Sleeps'

More Alan Moore! More Star Wars! And to top it all off, a deluge of droids!

Movies/TV Shows November 17, 2015

'Star Wars' Toy Sphero BB-8 Gets A Delightful Holographic Update

Dubbed the best 'Star Wars' toy ever made by most critics, the balancing ball droid Sphero BB-8 has received a new update for its AR-enabled holographic projector: preloaded messages from some of the most beloved characters from the franchise, C-3PO and R2D2.

October 28, 2015

Darth Vader Shower Head Lets You Wash While The Sith Lord Weeps

Here's something for those who love 'Star Wars' and showers. Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. has its part in preparing for the upcoming movie by releasing a Darth Vader Showerhead. Check out the product specifications, and possibly another addition to the growing list of strange 'Star Wars' collectibles.

Geek October 15, 2015

Japanese Airline Unveils New 'Star Wars' R2-D2 Boeing Dreamliner

We probably will not see the Millennium Falcon in the sky anytime soon. However, an actual R2-D2-themed airplane is the next best thing.

FUTURE TECH September 14, 2015

The Weirdest 'Star Wars' Merchandise Of All Time

There's no shortage of official 'Star Wars' merchandise. Here are some of the stranger offerings...

Movies/TV Shows September 4, 2015

10 Embarrassing Star Wars Toys That Actually Exist

Many Star Wars toys are beyond cool. Others? Not so much...

Movies/TV Shows September 3, 2015

Japanese Airlines All Nippon Air Launches Star Wars-Inspired Airplane Duo R2-D2 And BB-8

The Force is strong with these Japanese commercial aircraft decked out with R2-D2 and BB-8 decor.

Internet Culture August 19, 2015

This R2-D2 Drone Is Taking To The Skies At Comic-Con

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's R2-D2! Someone made a drone that looks just like the beloved 'Star Wars' droid, and if you're at Comic-Con this year, you can see it in action.

Gadgets July 10, 2015

Iconic Star Wars Droid R2-D2 Falls In Love In This Fan Film

R2-D2 may be the most adorable robot from a galaxy far, far away, but here on Earth, he's just an unlucky robot in love, getting spurned by a mailbox in this fan film.

Movies/TV Shows April 1, 2015

Zack Snyder and Bad Robot are tweeting awesome Batman/Star Wars mashups at each other

It's getting crazy over on Twitter, where 'Batman v. Superman' director Zack Snyder and 'Star Wars' production company Bad Robot are tweeting mashup images to each other. It may be the best thing ever.

Geek August 11, 2014

Batman and 'Star Wars' unite in latest Zack Snyder tweet

Everybody's favorite astromech droid teams up with the Dark Knight in the latest tweet from 'Batman v. Superman' director Zack Snyder.

Geek August 5, 2014

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