Death is never an easy thing to deal with but viewing it in 8-bit may help dampen the sorrow.

PipocaVFX's Filipe Costa teamed up with artist Matheus Muniz to come up with an animated 8-bit video compiling some of the most shocking death scenes in the "Star Wars" franchise. Paulo Bohrer II pitched in as well, taking responsibility for the chiptune medley and also all the sounds and music for the video.

As a proper nod to "Star Wars," the 8-bit video has a scroll.

"Deaths. The power that destroys life. Through the years, many have faced this wicked destiny. Mighty heroes have been betrayed, powerful foes have been defeated and a few accidents happened. For those who faced death, all has ended. But their memories live on, in another galaxy," it read.

Spoiler Warning!

If you have not seen "The Force Awakens", step away now to avoid a major spoiler.



There is no shortage of deaths in "Star Wars" but PipocaVFX chose a select few to focus on. Which spectacular death scenes in the franchise had the honor of being re-immortalized in 8-bit?

Each take no more than a few seconds (but that's actually fine because some scenes can be brutal or heartbreaking), and include:

  • Darth Maul driving this lightsaber into Qui-Gon Jinn;
  • Shmi, Anakin's mother, dying in his arms after being tortured;
  • Mace Windu taking Jango Fett's head;
  • Anakin doing the same with Count Dooku;
  • Anakin and Palpatine ganging up on Mace Windu to take his hand and, ultimately his life;
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi falling to Darth Vader;
  • Boba Fett falling into a sarlacc pit (complete with screams!);
  • Vader stepping in to save Luke and kill Palpatine;
  • Vader dying in Luke's arms; and
  • Han Solo receiving "thanks" from Kylo Ren.

Whose death would you like to have seen get the 8-bit treatment? I personally wanted Jabba The Hutt's on the list just to see the sleazeball bite the dust again by the hands of then-Princess Leia. Padme Amidala's demise also left an impression.

Watch the video below!

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