Theme weddings are a dime a dozen, but it takes a special kind of dedication to do more than themed reception tables and some carefully selected music. It takes a particular kind of skill to pull off a theme wedding with extreme devotion — without letting it devolve into camp.

This Doctor Who-themed wedding is all that and much, much more. Don't make the mistake of assuming this was a British wedding. (That's right, America boasts plenty of Whovians, too.) The groom, Mr. Christopher Wilcox, who posted the photos you'll see below, and his bride, Anna Piechowski, are from right here in the U-S of A. They live in Redmond, Washington, where Wilcox works for Microsoft.

Following their wedding back in late June, Wilcox posted these wedding photos to Imgur, showing off the impeccable, amazingly precise, clean designs and details that were just so right. This is the standard that all geek weddings should strive to reach.

First of all, there was of course a full-size replica of the TARDIS that's just spot-on perfect. It could stand toe-to-toe with the on-screen props used on the show. The bride's father built the couple's TARDIS (and oh yeah, they totally kept it after the wedding was over), and BBC Wales needs to get this dude a job immediately.

The bride wore a pink wedding dress with Chuck Taylor sneakers; the groom wore the brown pinstripe suit made famous by David Tennant's 10th Doctor. Bridesmaids wore blue dresses with Converse sneakers; groomsmen were dressed as various male Doctor Who characters, such as the bow tie-sporting Matt Smith Doctor and Captain Jack Harkness in his trademark overcoat. The groom's father even joined in on the fun by donning the frilly duds worn by Jon Pertwee, aka the 3rd Doctor.

Bridal party members received blue wooden boxes with their names laser-etched on top in Gallifreyan. Inside each box was a custom-packaged wedding kit, containing the suit or dress that guests would wear, a unique gift and an invitation with the "big day" schedule.

Here's how serious Wilcox and his wife were about achieving those perfect details. For the wedding invitations — which were of course in TARDIS blue — they sealed the envelopes with wax using a 3D-printed Seal of Rassilon. The addresses on the envelopes' fronts were even written with a silver Sharpie in a style that matched the invitations the Doctor sent to his friends in "The Impossible Astronaut."

Of course, all of the other details were just as amazing. From the wedding cake to the laser-etched card box, they thought of everything. The tables at the reception were each themed around one of the Doctors, including one for "Doctor 8 1/2," aka John Hurt's War Doctor.

You might expect an event with such obsessive attention to detail to turn out pretty silly-looking, but nope. It all worked out beautifully. 

Congratulations to the bride and groom! Geronimo!

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