Hot Off The Rumor Mill: '21 Jump Street' And 'Men In Black' Crossover Reportedly Moving Forward


The Sony hack of 2014 revealed an interesting crossover between the hit comedy, "21 Jump Street," and the science fiction comedy, "Men in Black," (M.I.B) was up for consideration. What is more interesting is that Sony seems to believe in the pull the two comedic blockbusters have because it has apparently moved forward with its plan to make the film beginning, of course, with convincing the perfect director on board for the project: James Bobin.

Sony is reportedly speaking with Bobin about the possibility of taking over the crossover project from Phil Lord and Chris Miller- both of whom are currently attached to a "Star Wars" spin-off at Disney.

While there is no official announcement from the studio yet, there are rumors that things are being prepared for the film, which seems to mean discussions with Bobin may end on a positive note and production may begin in June if all goes well.

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are both attached to the project as producers and actors and they will reprise their roles as Jenko and Schmidt; however, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will not be reprising their roles as Agents Jay and Kay so, fans of the original "Men in Black" series, you have been warned.

It really would not be the same "M.I.B." fans know without the two A-list actors, but then again, no one else has seen the script so just how much of a crossover the planned film will be is still a mystery. We would not even discount the possibility of Jenko and Schmidt imagining themselves to be the formidable M.I.B. agents.

Rodney Rothman is reportedly finished writing the script for the crossover and studio executives have accepted it. Perhaps Sony will release an official announcement about the project soon so we will all have to stay tuned.

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