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Sony Pictures Entertainment Drops ‘Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse’ Official Trailer

Sony Pictures Entertainment gave Spider-Man fans the ultimate surprise as it released the latest trailer to ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.’ The animated film follows the adventures of Miles Morales and Peter Parker.

Movies/TV Shows June 6, 2018

CG Movie ’Resident Evil Vendetta’ Releases Latest Trailer

Sony Pictures has released a new trailer for Capcom's ‘Resident Evil Vendetta,’ the latest CG film for the franchise. It is due for release this summer.

Movies/TV Shows February 15, 2017

Hot Off The Rumor Mill: '21 Jump Street' And 'Men In Black' Crossover Reportedly Moving Forward

Jenko and Schmidt of the 'Jump Street' films will be back in a sci-fi spin with a reported 'Men in Black' crossover. Find out who else are involved in the Sony studios project.

Movies/TV Shows March 7, 2016

Sony Pictures Hacked By ‘Well-Resourced’ Group, Not Rogue Hacktivists, Says Kaspersky

The cybercriminals who carried out the Sony hack are a 'well-resourced' group, according to the findings of Kaspersky, Novetta and AlienVault. The three companies refer to the hackers as the Lazarus Group.

Internet February 27, 2016

Sony Is Shelling Out $8M To Settle Employee Claims On Hacked Personal Data

Sony Pictures Entertainment agreed on a settlement claim involving its current and past employees who complained of falling victim to last year’s hack against the company. Sony will have to pay as much as $4.5 million and $3.5 million to employees and lawyers respectively according to the settlement.

Legal October 22, 2015

Steve Jobs' Widow Laurene Powell-Jobs Reportedly Tried To Block Aaron Sorkin’s Film: Here’s Why

Laurene Powell-Jobs apparently tried to stop the production of the new Steve Jobs movie by Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle. Apple has objected to any media portrayal of Jobs as well.

Society October 7, 2015

The First Trailer For 'The Angry Birds Movie' Is Here

Is the world ready for 'The Angry Birds Movie'? We're not quite feeling it after watching this trailer, but take a look and decide for yourself.

Movies/TV Shows September 23, 2015

Spider-Man Will Be 15 Years Old In The Marvel/Sony Reboot

19-year-old actor Tom Holland is Marvel and Sony's new Spider-Man. So how old will their Peter Parker be in the movie? Here's a hint: It'll be the youngest we've ever seen him on the big screen.

Movies/TV Shows September 21, 2015

Sony Pictures Entertainment Settles In Ex-Employees' Class-Action Lawsuit Over Data Breach

Sony Pictures Entertainment has reached a tentative settlement with its former employees who filed a class-action lawsuit against the studio over a data breach.

Legal September 3, 2015

Marisa Tomei To Play Aunt May In New ‘Spider-Man’ Film

Insiders reveal that actress Marisa Tomei is set to play Aunt May beside Tom Holland in Sony Picutres and Marvel Studio's latest 'Spider-Man' film.

Movies/TV Shows July 8, 2015

This Is The New Proton Pack From The 'Ghostbusters' Reboot

When the new Ghostbusters team is ready to take down some baddies of a supernatural perrsuation, they'll use proton packs just as their predecessors did. Here's what the new packs look like.

Movies/TV Shows June 30, 2015

Wikileaks Rumor: Former Sony Producer Calls DC Characters Corny

Are DC characters corny? Michael De Luca, former producer of Sony, seems to think so. He also believes Warner Bros. doesn't have a Kevin Feige-type character to lead the universe.

Movies/TV Shows June 26, 2015

WikiLeaks Leaks More Sony Documents: Secret Apple Deal And Bribery Investigation Revealed

A new batch of emails and documents related to the Sony hack from November has been uploaded to WikiLeaks, showing a deal that the company made with Apple, as well as a number of settlements that it made.

Legal June 20, 2015

WikiLeaks Dumps 270,000 Sony Emails, Private Files, Financial Data Into Its Database

The Sony Pictures hack may have happened last year, but the consequences reverberate well into the future, as WikiLeaks puts the firm's business files into the public domain.

Internet June 20, 2015

The First 'Ghostbusters' Reboot Set Pics Are Here (With A Surprise Guest)

Kristen Wiig and director Paul Feig are already on the Boston set of the 'Ghostbusters' reboot, as you can see in these pictures. But they might soon be joined by a surprise guest.

Movies/TV Shows June 18, 2015

Rumor Says Marvel And Sony Are Arguing Over Their New Spider-Man — And Asa Butterfield's Out

Here's something that will shock you in no way whatsoever: Sony and Marvel can't agree on who should play their shared Spider-Man. However, this will surprise you: frontrunner Asa Butterfield is reportedly out of the running.

Movies/TV Shows June 12, 2015

The James Bond Movie Distribution Rights Will Expire After 'Spectre'

Fans may be excited for 'Spectre,' but James Bond may find himself in some legal trouble shortly: Sony's rights to the franchise are about to expire, meaning the legal battle over the rights could start all over again.

Movies/TV Shows June 2, 2015

Report: Marvel Picks Asa Butterfield As New Spider-Man

Has Marvel picked its new Spider-Man? Sure looks like it. Asa Butterfield has nabbed the role, according to a new inside report.

Movies/TV Shows May 15, 2015

$5 Million: Cost Of Making James Bond Hold (But Not Love) A Sony Smartphone

The latest drama to emerge from the leaked Sony Pictures emails has Daniel Craig's disdain for the Sony Xperia Z4 smartphone front and center.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 25, 2015

New Spider-Man Movie Rumored To Be Heading To The Savage Land

Sony's working with Marvel on a new Spider-Man movie, and its story is top secret. But a new report suggests that Spidey might set off on an adventure to the Savage Land.

Movies/TV Shows April 21, 2015

WikiLeaks Dumps 30,000 Documents And 173,000 Emails In Searchable Online Database

WikiLeaks has published 30,287 documents and 173,132 emails in a searchable online database dubbed 'The Sony Archives.' These documents were leaked during the Sony Pictures Entertainment cyber attack in 2014.

Geek April 17, 2015

New 'Pixels' Trailer Brings Pac-Man And Donkey Kong Into The Real World

Adam Sandler's been in a slump for the last few years, but can a viral video-turned-movie turn his career around? That's what 'Pixels' is trying to do - whether or not it succeeds is another thing entirely.

Movies/TV Shows March 18, 2015

Sony Might Tap 'Tron' Director Joseph Kosinski For 'Gran Turismo' Big Screen Adaptation

Joseph Kosinski is reportedly in early negotiations to be the director of 'Gran Turismo,' which will be the movie adaptation of one of the most successful video game franchises for the PlayStation.

Video Games March 3, 2015

Silent Circle Spends $50 Million For BlackPhone Maker

Half the joint venture that came up with the security-focused Blackphone has now 100 percent control over the enterprise.

Business February 28, 2015

Cyber Attack Bigger Threat Than ISIS, Says U.S. Spy Chief

The Sunni Muslim extremist group may be a threat, but cyberattacks are even more dangerous, according to the top intelligence official in the country.

Internet February 27, 2015

Sony Names Thomas Rothman To Replace Amy Pascal As Movie Chief

Thomas Rothman has been named successor to Amy Pascal. He will head Sony Pictures Entertainment's TriStar Productions.

Business February 25, 2015

Sony Pictures Moving Ahead With Sinister Six and Venom Movies: Marvel's Kevin Feige Not Involved

Thought the Sinister Six and Venom movies were dead in the water after the big Sony Pictures-Marvel announcement? Then you're wrong as these films are still in the pipeline.

Movies/TV Shows February 12, 2015

Marvel's Big Aim With Sony Pictures Deal Is To Eventually Reclaim Spider-Man Movie Rights

Sony Pictures is lending Spider-Man to Marvel for zero dollars as the former tries to hold on tight to the character. However, this move could just be delaying the inevitable as Marvel's master plan is to regain creative control completely.

Movies/TV Shows February 12, 2015

Let's Cast Sony/Marvel's New Spider-Man

An all-new Spider-Man is coming to theaters, thanks to a new partnership between Sony and Marvel. With Andrew Garfield hanging up the tights, who should step in and put them on? Here are our nominees.

Movies/TV Shows February 10, 2015

Amy Pascal Resigns From Her Co-Chairwoman Position At Sony Pictures Entertainment: Was She Forced And Who Will Replace Her?

Someone had to bite the bullet at Sony Pictures Entertainment after the huge hacking scandal that surrounded 'The Interview.' That person turned out to be Amy Pascal, unsurprisingly.

Movies/TV Shows February 7, 2015

$15 Million: Cost Of Damages Following Massive Sony Pictures Hack

Sony has revealed that the December attack against Sony Pictures Entertainment has reached a damage cost of $15 million. The total sum covers 'investigation and remediation costs' incurred from the series of cyber attacks.

Business February 5, 2015

Sony Delays Earnings Report Following Sony Pictures Hack

Sony has requested Japan's Financial Services Agency for more time in preparing the earnings report for the previous quarter, as the company works on restoring the systems damaged by the hack attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Business January 25, 2015

New 'Chappie' Trailer Channels A 'Short Circuit' Vibe

Neil Blomkamp's third movie is coming this March, and it's about a charming, innocent robot that achieves sentience. It's called 'Chappie,' and here's the latest full-length trailer.

Movies/TV Shows January 9, 2015

Who Was Really Behind The Sony Hack? Experts Weigh In On Different Theories

The FBI formally cited North Korea as responsible for the Sony hack scandal, but experts continue to differ on whether or not Kim Jong Un's government was behind the attack. Attorney and crime expert Arkady Bukh weighs in on the controversy.

Feature January 7, 2015

Sony: 'The Interview' Soon Available on Cable, Satellite TV

Sony Pictures announced that the controversial movie The Interview will soon be available through cable and satellite TV, completing the company's home distribution plans for the film.

Internet January 2, 2015

Week In Review: Top 5 News Headlines Not To Miss

The final week of 2014, pretty much like every week this year, was full of tech news even with the holiday season and dawn of a new year. For those who were traveling, or busy getting new mobile devices up and running, here's a run down of the week's top tech news.

Gadgets January 2, 2015

FBI Refuses to Acknowledge Sony Pictures Hacking May Be Insider Job

New data from security firm Norse Corp. suggest that the Sony Pictures hacking may have been waged by an insider. However, the FBI is unwavering in its theory that North Korea is the culprit.

Society December 31, 2014

Top 3 Tech Headlines of 2014

The year 2014 has been a big year in tech, with a number of great new products, huge hacks and interesting debates. Here are three of the biggest headlines from 2014.

Business Tech December 30, 2014

"The Interview" Downloaded Illegally Over 750,000 Times in 24-Hours

The Interview is the film everyone wants to see. And if they can't get the chance to view it outside of the United States, they'll surely turn to the top illegal download websites.

Movies/TV Shows December 29, 2014

Russia and China Stand Firmly Behind North Korea in Hacking Scandal

Both Russia and China have come out in support of North Korea after the country was implicated by the United States in the hacking assault on Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Internet Culture December 27, 2014

Tech News in Review: Top 5 Headlines of Christmas Week

Some might assume Christmas week would be a little less eventful than other weeks. Not so. A lot went on this week, but many likely weren't able to keep up with it all due to spending time with family. Here are the top five headlines of this past week.

Gadgets December 26, 2014

North Korea Slowly Recovering From Internet Outage: Who's Behind It?

As North Korea struggles to recover from attacks that took down its Internet, speculations run rampant that it was the United States behind the cyberattack. However, a popular hacking group has claimed that it was responsible.

Business December 26, 2014

Obama: Sony Pictures Hack Is 'Cyber-Vandalism,' Not 'Act of War' and Response Sets 'Bad Precedent'

The attacks against Sony Pictures Entertainment are cyber-vandalism, not acts of war, says Obama. The president doesn't grasp the fact that the face of war has changed, says Sen. John McCain.

Society December 25, 2014

Intrigued by 'The Interview'? Watch the Movie that Prompted Sony Pictures Hack. Only in Select Theaters

Sony Pictures Entertainment will push through with the planned Dec. 25 release of 'The Interview' in select theaters, despite threats that hackers will unleash violence at theaters that will show the film.

Society December 24, 2014

Sony Threatens Legal Action Against Twitter for Users Posting Leaks

Sony Pictures sent a letter to Twitter for the suspension of accounts that disseminate leaked company secrets. The key user account that Sony is taking issue with is @bikinirobotarmy, which has tweeted screenshots of the leaked emails of Sony top executives.

Legal December 24, 2014

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