Amazon is looking to give Google some well-needed competition in the online marketing space with its own platform. The report claims that Amazon's product will resemble that of Google Adwords in how it works, although it did not mention when publishers and advertisers alike can get the chance to give it a spin.

It is also understood that Amazon is working on a bulk buying tool for advertisers. Such a tool would help the online retail giant to place ads on third party websites without much hassle. According to reports, Amazon's new online marketing platform could see the light of day before the end of the year, as the company is already pitching ideas to possible clients.

If Amazon is truly planning to go up against Google in the online marketing space, the company will be wise to tread carefully. The Silicon Valley company has over 14 years of experience in this field, and because of this, Google has been able to gather over a million advertisers who are competing vigorously for the limited space available.

This strong competition has pushed prices sky high, which means publishers would likely shun another online marketing firm in favor of Google.

We have yet to see an online marketing platform that can put fear in the heart of Google. However, there's a chance that Amazon could turn out to be the company for the job. Because of Amazon's experience in online retail, the company understands the purchasing behavior of online consumers; something Google does not have.

Furthermore, we've come to understand that Amazon has over 250 million active users on its platform. The company could use data it accumulated from these active users to help push its online marketing platform closer to Google's own Adwords. The going will certainly be tough, but it is not impossible if the correct measures are taken.

We've seen several companies rise to the challenge of being a great alternative to Google Adwords, but all have fallen short. Only time will tell if Amazon is capable of bringing its A-game, because anything less would surely turn out to be a failure, and the market doesn't want that right now as Google's command of the online marketing space is close to being monopolistic.

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