Will Smith and Joel Edgerton may have missed their chance to work together in "Suicide Squad" but the two are reportedly teaming up on the big screen for another project to play modern day cops who also happen to be orcs. The movie, “Bright,” will be directed by David Ayer.

According to The Wrap, “Bright” is a cop thriller set in modern times but will be injected with fantasy elements like orcs and fairies living among humans. Although no studio is attached to the movie just yet, many are speculating that it will be picked up by Warner Bros., which just wrapped filming on “Suicide Squad,” also directed by Ayers and starring Smith as Deadshot.

It has not yet been divulged if Smith or Edgerton will be playing an orc cop – or perhaps even both! It is also possible that either of the actors will be providing voice work for the role, or even don a motion capture suit for their work on the film.

According to insiders, "Bright" was one of 13 projects approved for a tax credit of $7.2 million from the California Film Commission. Although WB Studio Enterprises Inc. was the company that filed for the application for the incentive, reportedly, the deal never closed with Warner Bros. officially, which prompted CAA to shop the movie around more.

Sources say, however that Ayer is hoping that Warner Bros. may yet pick up the film and fit it into his and Smith's schedule before they are set to begin production on the “Suicide Squad” sequel in 2017.

“Bright” is based on a screen play by Max Landis, who also wrote “Victor Frankenstein” and “Chronicle.”

Smith will likely feel very much at home in a role that combines law enforcement and super natural elements, having played a top secret agent amongst CGI aliens in the “Men In Black” franchise.

Edgerton, as well, has experience with green screens and action, with his role in Ridley Scott's “Exodus: Gods and Kings.”

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