The 4K OLED TV of LG boasts of a display technology that is currently the best one available in the market today. It has a curved display panel that's made up of organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) in Ultra HD quality. It's absolutely more superior than conventional displays with a viewing experience that is akin to being extraordinary. In other words, LG's OLED TVs are futuristic TVs designed to surpass anyone's wildest imagination.

LG's unique WRGB technology of four-color pixel makes viewers feel like they are watching the real picture. Filled with hues that are brighter, richer and more natural, LG OLED TV's 33 million sub-pixels guarantee deeper hues of black coupled with a quick response rate that eliminates blurring and flickering.

"LG 4K OLED TV is the pinnacle of technological achievement and a new paradigm that will change the dynamics of the next generation TV market," says president and CEO Hyun Hwoi Ha of LG's Home Entertainment Company. He adds that LG's display technology is something that is evolutionary and that it will bring a huge influence in reshaping the display industry. Without a doubt, 4K OLED will be an authentic game changer.

Winner at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the Best of Innovations category, the 4K OLED TV of LG is built with an easy to navigate web OS platform and offers a number of convenient features inspired by the simple concepts revolving on discovery, switching and connection. Recently, the web OS technology was given recognition by the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) because of its impressive user interface.

Hyun expressed that OLED TVs have the potential to exceed LCD in terms of sales within a couple of years and that there's no company that is more prepared for this than LG. "OLED's benefits are obvious," says Hyun. The picture quality never deteriorates and common issues such as distortion, blurring, and color leakage found in most curved LEDs are simply alien to the curved OLED TVs. Customers are assured that they're getting the best value when it comes to detail, color reproduction, viewing angles, and contrast ration.

LG fans in Korea can already start making their pre-orders for the 65-inch and the 77-inch 4K OLED TVs this week. The company announced that the TVs will be hitting the markets in Europe and North America real soon. The 65-inch model is said to have a price tag of 12 million won ($11,765) while the price for the 77-inch model is yet to be announced.

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