The released video emphasizes the beauty and the significance of an individual's handwriting. The company explains that while handwriting seemed like a forgotten activity, the S Pen would help remind everyone the real importance of using the hands to express one's thoughts. While the video didn't give any specific details, viewers are eventually asked with the tagline that says if they're "ready to note." There's also the date of September 3 added which gives a hint on when the device will be available on hand. Indeed, the evolution of S Pen continues with Samsung's Galaxy Note 4.

These two features, handwriting and the S Pen, are the major selling points of every single Galaxy Note product to date. It's only natural that Samsung will continue to focus on these features with the upcoming Note 4.

Each Galaxy Note model has always been paired with a built-in stylus which is something unique compared to any other Samsung flagship phone. The smartphone maker teases in the video how the stylus can provide the user with the unique ability to take handwritten notes on his device.

"Handwriting is extremely important," writes Samsung on YouTube. "However, this crucial act is fading away in today's digitalized world. So Samsung Galaxy Note introduced the S Pen to remind us how much handwriting means to us. After all, those things that we love the most should continue to stay."

The current Note 3 already has the enhanced S Pen functionality which users expect to find in the upcoming Note 4. The S Pen feels more comfortable in the hand and has a beefed up software support with Air Command. The latter is an S Pen menu that instantly pops up once the stylus is removed from the holster. This enables the user to have direct access to Pen Window, Screen White, Action Memos, and other features supported by the S Pen technology. Moreover, the S Note app has been revamped which makes it easier to sync with Evernote. It also boasts of a more responsive Wacom digitizer.

Samsung seemed serious in its effort to make the S Pen more natural and intuitive with every iteration. Certainly, it has come a long way since its first inception in the original Note. With enhanced features in the Note 3, people find themselves using the S Pen more than ever compared to the early iterations. In the upcoming Note 4, Samsung is once again teasing the users with some new "handwriting" features of the S Pen.

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