Crimson Fox On Set For NBC’s ‘Powerless’


We reported on Feb. 23 that Vanessa Hudgens has signed on to play the role of Emily Locke in NBC's newest single-camera sitcom "Powerless," and that DC did not bar the production from showing any of the superheroes in its huge compendium. The production seems to be going at full speed, as seen from a tweeted photo of Crimson Fox in action.

The photo released by Justice League News shows the French superhero with an updated look and, from what we can see, updated powers too. Take a look at the photos below.

Unlike the comic book superhero whose face is not much covered by her cape, Crimson Fox of "Powerless" has a more concealed face and a cape reminiscent of the "Teen Titans" heroine, Raven, only less dark. She also seems to have developed super strength for the comedy series even if her powers in the comics only deal with super speed and agility, as well as the ability to release pheromones. She also wore gloves with deadly steel talons.

Crimson Fox is actually the superhero persona of identical twin sisters Vivian and Constance D'Aramis who own a Parisian perfume company. In order to protect their identity, the sisters decided to fake Constance's death so they can take care of both the company and their hero duties without raising suspicion.

Both the D'Aramis sisters eventually died, with Vivian's life ending in the hands of the Puanteur and Constance's death caused by The Mist. However, after some time a third Crimson Fox showed up, claiming to be the D'Aramis successor and heiress.

So two questions arise for the photos taken on the set of "Powerless" above: which version of Crimson Fox are viewers going to see and will she be able to display her full array of superpowers?

We all just have to wait to receive the answers when the series debuts in the fall.

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