Blizzard officially announced the release of Overwatch on May 24. The company had previously set June 21 as the tentative date for the game's release.

The game's open beta will be available from May 5 to 9, but those who preorder the title will have early beta access on May 3.

Overwatch is a team-based shooter game where the protagonists do battle in a world that's filled with conflict. Overwatch is a group, an "international task force of heroes," who banded together to bring peace in a world ravaged by war. It was successful in ending the global crisis, and in the years that followed, the world became filled with discoveries and innovations. However, the influence of Overwatch didn't last, and the group was eventually disbanded. This is the world players will immerse themselves in.

"Overwatch is gone, but the world still needs heroes," reads the game's description on its official site.

Players who want to gain access to the game's open beta should preorder the game by April 29. The pre-purchase option will be available on any platform and can be accessed on the game's official website. Preordering Overwatch will also allow players to get the Noire Widowmaker skin when it launches, as an added bonus.

The game is currently in closed beta until May 3, the day when the game's open beta early access becomes officially available. Participants of the closed beta would need to preorder the title to gain access to the game's open beta version. The open beta will be available on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Recently, Blizzard added a new progression system to the title, which features unlockable new costumes, taunts and more. As players earn gameplay credits, they can unlock loot boxes that are filled with a number of goodies. Moreover, they will have the ability to break down unwanted items until they get the items that they really want.

"As a newly added bonus, if you pre-purchase or preorder Overwatch for any platform at, you'll also get early access to the open beta for you and a friend from May 3 to 4," says Blizzard. "After that, everyone will have a chance to play free during an all-access open beta period from May 5 to 9."

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