Have you ever wanted to play the arcade classic Street Fighter II again, and not on that rundown machine at the pizzeria that has broken buttons? Now you may actually get a chance to.

According to Siliconera, Capcom has announced it will be re-releasing four of the company's best fighting games to arcades in Japan: Hyper Street Fighter II, Darkstalkers 3, Street Fighter III: Third Strike and Street Fighter Alpha 3.

And these fighting games are coming back with some modern enhancements. The most obvious one is that the games will be played on a widescreen display. This will allow high-resolution art and character move lists to be placed on the sides of the screen, while the actual game will be presented in the center at its original resolution.

There are also some high-tech enhancements, and the games will be running on Taito's online software NESiCAxLive. This will allow players to save their win/loss record online and see where they are on leader boards for those games.

Taito arcade machines that have NESiCAxLive can also download new games to the arcade machine's board, thereby letting Arcade owners switch out games. This may mean that other fighting games, even beyond these initial four, could be added to the arcade machines in the future.

Hyper Street Fighter II is a later iteration of the classic fighting game where a variety of martial artists battle one another, first released in 1991. Darkstalkers 3 has an assortment of monsters fighting one another, from 1997. Street Fighter Alpha 3 was the third title in a prequel series to the original Street Fighter game, released in 1998. And Street Fighter III: Third Strike was released in 1999, and is likewise an improved version of the original SFIII.

Capcom has not announced if these new versions of the fighting games will be released in America or any other countries outside of Japan.

And you can find more screenshots of the four enhanced arcade games on Siliconera.

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