Kim Kardashian announced on Twitter that her mobile game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood earned a whopping $80 million in 2015.

The game was a breakout hit for publisher Glu Mobile, the same company responsible for other celebrity-based games such as Katy Perry Pop and Kendall & Kylie.

The celebrity tweeted that she was busy cashing a check worth $80 million and transferring $53 million into her joint account with Kanye West. 

It should be noted that the tweet made no mention of the period that the revenue was earned.

An analysis of the game publisher's financial results for 2015 shows that the figure is in no way related to the title's earned quarterly or annual revenue.

According to Eric Ludwig, Glu Mobile CFO, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood's fourth quarter earnings reached $13.6 million (24 percent of the total revenue) and $71.8 million (30 percent of the total revenue) for the whole calendar year.

Following the game's full launch in 2014, it raked in $43.4 million in just one quarter alone (Q3). During this same quarter in 2015, the figure dropped significantly to $18.8 million.

While the game is deemed as an important title in the company's roster of mobile games, its earning power is also seen as experiencing a decline since it was launched two years ago.

The game was recently updated into version 4.8.0. New features brought by the update include Escape to Mykonos Greece, St. Patrick's Day party, new clothing items in the store, millions more fans added for A-Listers, bug fixes and other game improvements.

Some Twitter users responded to Kim's message with words that may seem a bit off the point.

"Could you maybe transfer some of that 80 million into something like helping the Syrian migrants? @KimKardashian," tweeted James McVey (@TheVampsJames).

"@KimKardashian so nice of you to help get your hubby out of debt...I ain't sayin @kanyewest is a gold digger.." tweeted Allie Lewis (@allieleww).

"@KimKardashian Does this mean we don't have to donate to Kanye anymore," tweeted NBA (@InsideHoops).

It may seem natural for people to make a connection between Kim's tweet and Kanye West, as the latter has reportedly been having money issues. Kanye's situation could be so bad that he even begged Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to grant him a loan. Perhaps the money would indeed be a big help and may just put an end to Kanye's troubles.

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