Chrome for Android brings a nice bunch of performance and stability fixes with the latest version.

Dubbed Chrome version 49, the latest version features enhanced background sync, nearby smart beacons notification, new APIs and more.

The Background Sync API allows the sites to schedule a sync as soon as an Internet connection has been detected in the next usage. Syncing is also possible even after the user has closed the page.

Another notable feature brought by the update is the new MediaRecorder API, which allows users to record audio and video through the sites without using another plugin such as Flash.

The nearby smart beacons notifications feature was developed as a result of a collaboration between the beacon platform of Google and Nearby API.

Through this feature, users can receive notifications when they are near a location that has a beacon. The latter can be a fast food restaurant, shopping mall or anything similar.

"The Chrome team is excited to announce the launch of Chrome 49 for Android," said Jason Kersey, Program Manager for Google Chrome. "This release includes more than a barge full of performance and stability fixes."

According to Google, the latest Chrome for Android version 49 now has support of 91 percent for a major JavaScript update. Through the new version, developers are now able to write more powerful and memory-enhanced code.

The Android version of Google's Chrome OS was released following the launch of Samsung-made Galaxy Nexus in the latter part of 2011. It eventually became the default, pre-installed browser on a number of mobile devices.

Initially, Google released a beta version of Chrome for Android in the Google Play Store. The latest version 49 is now being released on a stable platform and is expected to become available at the Google Play Store in less than a day.

Earlier this month, Google also released Chrome 49 for users of various other platforms, including desktop, Mac, Linux and Windows.

Chrome 49 for Android comes in build number 49.0.2623.91.

Users can check out the partial list of other changes found in the current build at Git log. Kersey encourages users to file a bug in case a new issue is found.

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