Google has updated the Data Saver Mode in Chrome for Android that helps users to save 70 percent of data.

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have changed the way people get online. With easy availability of Internet access on the go, many smartphone customers browse the Internet more on their handsets rather than on their PCs or laptops.

Jane Rumble, the director of market intelligence at Ofcom (UK), says that Internet access pattern amongst users was a "landmark shift."

"Those aged 16 to 24 are much more likely, as well as 25 to 34, to say their smartphone is the most important device to get online, whereas for the older age groups, they are much more likely to be sticking with their laptop. This is a landmark shift," says Rumble.

However, data usage remains a big factor for people to use Internet on their smartphones. To address the problem, Google has improved Data Saver Mode in its Chrome browser for Android that will help users to save about 70 percent of data.

"We're updating this mode to save even more data - up to 70 percent! - by removing most images when loading a page on a slow connection," wrote Tal Oppenheimer, the product manager for Chrome, in a blog.

Oppenheimer explains that once a page has been loaded on a device, then the customer can tap on the display to view all images or a single image, which allows faster and cheaper web browsing on a smartphone.

The improved Data Saver Mode will be of great help to users who are concerned over data usage on their smartphones. However, initially the enhancement will be available only to Chrome users in Indonesia and India. Google will introduce the improved Data Saver Mode to other countries in the "coming months" but has not named the regions and expected time of arrival.

Chrome users in Indonesia and India can take advantage of the new mode just by enabling it on the Chrome app on Android. 

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