Cola Messaging App Wants To Eliminate The Chaos When Planning Meetings Through Text


A new messaging app named Cola Wants you to plan your meetings seamlessly through text and to make life easier as a whole.

Following a successful beta testing of the app, the Cola team has already released its messaging app to the public.

As an example, when a user asks "Where are you now?" the person on the other end of the chat should be able to share a map with his current location pinned on it.

With Cola, users are also able to send out quick polls and share to-do lists to their friends. On top of that, users can likewise share a calendar to make scheduling things more organized.

"The motto of our company is 'text less, do more' because we know all too well the pain of trying to do one simple thing with text, and having it turn into an endless process of app hopping, back and forth suggestions, questions, and time-wasting nonsense," said David Temkin, Cola's chief executive.

He added that by bringing in what he calls "interactive bubbles" into conversations, users will be able to "do more with less texting."

Specifically, here is the list of the presently available bubbles in the app:

When Can We Meet? - this bubble is used to easily schedule a meeting.

Where Are You Now? - this bubble can be used for live location tracking.

Quick Poll - this bubble enables users to share a multiple choice question to help one in making decisions.

To Do List - this bubble is used to share a particular to-do list. Moreover, it can be used to assign tasks.

    The app's product description page says that Cola makes use of SMS to register a particular account. At the moment, only iPhones with United States phone numbers are allowed to sign up.

    The page likewise adds that the Where Are You Now bubble lets users use GPS in the background, however, that continued use of GPS cans significantly decrease the life of the iPhone's battery.

    Presently, Cola is only available for iOS users. Interested iOS users can head to the App Store to download it. The startup has not yet announced as to when it plans to roll out an Android version of the app.

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