Google is aiming to make its Glass device more than just a niche product. The company wants everyone to have one over their eyes, and one of the best ways to do so is by making Glass able to play music. This is quite interesting, and it should be a boon for those who are interested in using Glass along with listening to music at the same time.

Google made the announcement earlier today via its Google+ page that it is rolling out a new voice command that will allow users to call up any song of their liking for playback on their Google Glass device. Within the next few weeks, Google will update Glass prototypes with the ability to feed music to users when it hears the command, "OK, Glass, listen to..."

"You can access your tracks from Google Play Music, including the millions of songs on All Access," the company wrote in its post. "To all our Glass Explorers, sit tight. You'll be able to dive into music on Glass soon. Look for an email in the next few weeks with more details."

The search giant recently also announced earbuds for Google Glass. The company claimed the earbuds are uniquely engineered and lightweight to give users quality sound. The good thing about these earbuds is that Google designed them to allow users to hear what's going on within their surroundings while music is being played back.

It is clear that a product like Google Glass really needs to have a music feature. Music does not give any advantage to Google Glass; however, not having it could be a disadvantage.

While music is good for Google Glass, it might not be good for users. It is possible some Glass users might use the device to listen to music while driving on the highway, which is dangerous for other drivers and pedestrians.

We envision every state in the United States will have laws to ban Google Glass while driving to protect road users. Furthermore, if Glass takes off and become popular, other countries around the world would also seek to ban the device while in the driver's seat.

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