Square Enix announced it has decided to delay the release of Hitman disc version until early 2017 in order to deliver the best version to the game's loyal fans.

The company previously aimed to release the game's disc-based version later this year. The next Hitman game is currently being developed and is drawing a lot of excitement in the world of gaming.

According to Square Enix, releasing the game's disc version in early 2017 will allow the company to gain enough time following the end of the season so it can ensure it launches the best Hitman disc version to the public.

Square Enix is releasing the title's first episode on March 11, since it decided to make Hitman an episodic game. Dubbed "Paris," the first episode will be released on the PC, Xbox One and the PS4.

The second episode, "Sapienza," is slated to arrive in April.

"Hitman will still launch on March 11th and that initial launch will include the Prologue and the Paris location," says the official Hitman site. "The big change is that the next location, set in Italy, will now release in April and then Morocco will release in May."

Gamers can get hold of the Intro Pack at $15, which already includes Prologue and Paris. Once they have the Intro Pack, players can subsequently purchase a location for $10 as an add-on item.

Likewise, purchasing the Intro Pack will also allow players to get the Upgrade Pack in order to take advantage of the "Full Experience" of the game. Retailed at $50, the Upgrade Pack will allow players to gain access to all of the post-March 11 release of content, along with the guarantee of getting any live or bonus content in every release.

The Hitman Collector's Edition will also become available beginning on March 11 for players of the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Apart from getting the Premium Collector's Edition packaging offered in the Collector's Edition, players will also get the Hitman Digital Game Download (Full Experience); Agent 47 Iconic red tie and clip set; hardcover 60-page art book that is curated by Art Director Jonathan Rowe; and a 10-inch Agent 47 "Chessmaster" Statue.

Gamers can snag the Hitman Collector's Edition at the North American Square Enix Store under the retail price of $139.99. Likewise, customers in Europe can preorder from the European Square Enix Store where the collector's edition will be priced at €139.99 or at a rate according to one's region.

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