Those who own a GoPro would agree that it is one of the best camcorders today. Outdoor adventures, no matter how seemingly dangerous, can be recorded on a GoPro. Take a selfie video while skydiving or bungee jumping? It’s possible with a GoPro.

What about the more adventurous dogs? There’s the GoPro Harness that lets you record videos from the point of view of a pet dog. Officially called as the GoPro Fetch, this device is a special harness that boasts of a padded construction and two mounting locations on the dog’s back and chest. Two views in one harness: front-paw action and top view. Of course, two cameras are needed.

The chest mount of the GoPro Fetch is removable for the benefit of smaller dogs that may not be able to carry the weight. It works with all models of GoPro cameras. It also comes with a camera tether, as well as quick releases bases.

The GoPro Fetch can fit small to big dogs weighing 7 kg to 54 kg (15 to 120 pounds). The GoPro camera is sold separately but the Fetch costs only $59.99.

This isn’t the first time a GoPro camera can fit into a special device as it can already be attached to cars, helmets, and surfboards. Others even attach it on airplanes.

If this is made for canines, dog lovers are now able to record their best friends’ adventures from running to chasing sticks, from digging to eating, from swimming to hunting and more. Finally, there’s a way to know where the dog has been exploring or hiding all this time. And yes, the owner can soon know the daily life of a dog from its point of view.

“The adaptability and versatility of GoPro cameras make them the perfect device to document life from a dog's point of view,” described Senior Director of Product Management for GoPro Paul Osborne.

“We designed Fetch to meet the unique needs and usage for pets and can't wait to see the images and videos that owners will capture and share now that they have a mount specifically for their dog,” Osborne added.

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