Deutsche Telekom considers unloading T-Mobile stake at $35 a share

Deutsche Telekom is reportedly willing to sell off its ownership of T-Mobile at a minimum of $35 per share. Earlier this August, it rejected a $15 billion cash buyout by French telecom Iliad.

Business August 30, 2014

Uber introduces ride-sharing in Seoul, no warm welcome from transport authorities

UberX is now available in Seoul, South Korea. The ride-sharing car service has immediately received word from the transport ministry as illegal.

Apps/Software August 30, 2014

CEO of 'Angry Birds' maker Rovio Mikael Hed stepping down

ROVIO CEO Mikael Hed is stepping down and will be replaced by Pekka Rantala. Pekka was a former Nokia employee and former CEO of Hartwall.

Business August 30, 2014

Amazon cloud storage service Zocalo now generally available

Amazon has introduced a new cloud storage service. It's a secure enterprise sharing and storage service that promises user productivity, thanks to strong feedback capabilities and administrative controls.

Business Tech August 29, 2014

Samsung wants you to spend on 4K UHD TV, partners with Amazon, other content providers

Samsung is expanding its UHD Contents Ecosystem by partnering with global content partners like Amazon and Netflix. 4K Video streaming will start this October.

Gadgets August 29, 2014

F-15 pilot died in fighter jet crash in Virginia

An Air National Guard Pilot is missing after his F-15C fighter jet lost contact with the base. No information yet on what happened but he was able to report the inflight emergency before contact was lost.

Society August 29, 2014

Volvo launches 2016 XC90 SUV, marks rebirth of the Swedish brand

Volvo introduces its latest SUV model: the XC90. This is the first model to be released under the new Chinese ownership.

FUTURE TECH August 28, 2014

Leaked document confirms Apple iPhone 6 release date

Could this be the iPhone 6? French tech blog posted this image of what seems to be a legit iPhone 6 packaging.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 28, 2014

Time Warner Cable suffers nationwide outage

Time Warner Cable's Internet, cable, and phone services were down for some time early Wednesday morning. Subscribers quickly turned to social media to complain.

Business Tech August 28, 2014

GoPro Fetch: See the world from a dog's point of view

GoPro introduces a new Dog Harness, calls it Fetch. This new harness allows the dog to hold two cameras at the back and chest. A dog owner is in for a treat--an HD recording of his dog's point of view.

Gadgets August 27, 2014

After the Napa earthquake, should California consider a warning system?

Residents of Napa Valley are calling for the deployment of an early-warning system after the city was hit by a 6.1 Magnitude Earthquake last Sunday. About $1 billion worth of damages and loss were estimated.

Earth/Environment August 27, 2014

Twitter advertising now available in Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, nine other countries

Twitter adds 12 new markets as part of its expansion. Most of the countries are in Central and Eastern Europe including Switzerland, Ukraine, Romania, Austria, and Portugal among others.

Business Tech August 26, 2014

'Fifty Shades of Grey' unhealthy for women, suggests study

E. L. James' bestselling trilogy had been the subject of a recent study by a team of researchers from the Michigan State University. The survey discovered that young women who read the erotic series are most likely to be in an abusive relationship, have eating disorders, or have multiple sex partners.

Life August 26, 2014

Ralph Lauren introduces Polo Tech, luxury fashion follows technology trends

Lifestyle brand Ralph Lauren is this year's US Open's official outfitter. Select players will wear the Polo Tech Shirt, a new smart clothing from the fashion label.

Wearable Tech August 25, 2014

Greening disease threatens Florida citrus industry

Oranges in Florida are in danger of being infected by the yellow dragon aka greening. It's a disease that causes fruits falling off and citrus trees dying slowly. The orange industry of Florida is now being threatened by a nasty bug.

Business August 25, 2014

New leaked Apple iPhone 6 images shows finished handset: Report

Luxury iPhone modder and seller Feld & Volk recently posted images of the purported iPhone 6. The next-gen model appears to have a more rounded edges.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 25, 2014

Apple iPhone 6 component redesign delays production: Report

Apple requested for the screen panel to be redesigned so production has been disrupted. As a result, assembly also took a pause for a while and will possibly delay formal launch.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 24, 2014

Apple pulls Secret from Brazilian App Store in compliance with court ruling

The Secret app was recently blocked on the Brazilian App Store. An injunction was recently given by a court, saying sharing secrets on the app is unconstitutional.

Apps/Software August 23, 2014

Feds question GM lawyers about faulty ignition switches, delayed recall

GM lawyers are now being questioned about the issue of faulty ignition switches that was the cause of a series of recalls. Number of vehicles recalled now reached 29 million.

FUTURE TECH August 23, 2014

Twitter shares details on how it uses BotMaker to get rid of spam

Twitter has developed a new anti-spam system and called it the BotMaker. The Twitter bot identifies an event whether it is spam or not even before it is posted on the social network.

Business Tech August 22, 2014

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