The 88th Academy Awards held Feb. 28 produced some of the most memorable moments of 2016, including Leonardo DiCaprio's Best Actor win – finally! – and Girl Scouts selling cookies to the crowd. However, two weeks after the Oscars night, which Chris Rock claimed his daughter's troop raised $65,000 from the stunt, reports say that the Girl Scouts have yet to receive the payment.

That's a big puzzle considering television viewers undoubtedly saw celebrities taking out their wallets and handing over cash to the girls who approached them so the girls could not have been stiffed, right? Just take a look at Christian Bale and his wife Sibi Blazic in the photo below.

Plus, Leo would not have opened the box of Trefoils and look at the cookies this way if he had not already paid for them. It's just not Leo-like to do that.

It's not actually the celebrities' fault because the stunt was actually backed by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which agreed to donate the $65,000 Chris Rock mentioned to the National Girl Scouts Council. TMZ reported that the troop still has not received the payment for the sale two weeks later, but a representative for The Academy assured everyone that the Girl Scouts will receive the money.

It's really too soon to claim that The Academy is backing out on its word because anyone who has worked in a big organization would know that big payments undergo a longer process before the check is cleared and sent to whoever is supposed to receive the payment. If it had only been a few boxes and less than $500, we're pretty sure petty cash would do and the girls would have received the payment on the same night. The amount in question, however, will have to undergo a different and longer process whether there was a signed contract or not.

"Of course we have every intention of honoring our commitment to the Girl Scouts... They were such a highlight, and we were happy to have them," the representative said.

The question now is: if The Academy agreed to pay for the cookies, why did the celebrities hand over cash to the girls?

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