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Academy Adds New Oscar Category For ‘Best Popular Film’ And Twitter Is Not Having It

The Academy Awards just announced a new category that aims to celebrate and recognize the most popular films. However, critics call it a ploy to shut out blockbusters from the big categories.

Movies/TV Shows August 9, 2018

Space Tech Goes To The Oscars: Statuettes And NASA Telescopes Use The Same Gold Coating

There is still a lot more to talk about the Academy Awards after the official ceremonies. Did you know that the much-coveted Oscar statuette has the same gold coating used by NASA telescopes to glimpse into distant stars and galaxies?

Space March 5, 2018

Oscars 2018 Live Stream: How To Watch Academy Awards Live Stream Online

The 2018 Oscars awards show, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, airs live on ABC Network on March 4. Here's how to watch the 90th Academy Awards live stream online.

Apps/Software January 28, 2018

Where To Stream The 2017 Oscar Award-Winning Movies: ‘Moonlight,’ ‘La La Land’ And More

Big winning movies at the 89th Academy Awards like ‘La La Land,’ ‘Moonlight,’ and ‘Fences’ are available to rent and download. Here’s where to find them.

Movies/TV Shows February 27, 2017

Oscars 2017 Nominations List: See Which Films Made The Cut

The Academy Awards nominations for 2017 have been announced. 'La La Land' leads with 14 nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress.

Movies/TV Shows January 28, 2017

Biggest Oscar Contenders 2017: 8 Movies That Could Win Best Picture

The 89th Academy Awards nominations are yet to be announced, but some movies are already making noise as strong contenders. Take a look at eight fims that could bag the coveted award for Best Picture.

Movies/TV Shows January 22, 2017

Oops! The Academy Still Owes Girl Scouts Some Money For The Cookies During The Oscars

Chris Rock's Girl Scout cookie-selling stunt on Oscar's night was a huge hit! However, the mother of one of the Girl Scouts says they have yet to receive the $65,000 payment from The Academy.

Internet Culture March 12, 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio Makes A Quick Cameo Beside Brie Larson In 'Room'

Leonardo DiCaprio joins fellow 88th Academy Award winner Brie Larson on screen in the movie 'Room.'

Movies/TV Shows March 1, 2016

Live Filter Photo App Lets Users Take Selfies As Leo With His Oscar

Msqrd is the live-animated photo and video filter app that allows users to embody celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and pop culture icons like Harry Potter and Iron Man.

Apps/Software February 29, 2016

Lady Gaga Draws Tears At The Oscars: Brie Larson Embraces Sexual Assault Victims Who Stood During Performance

Lady Gaga's performance of her Oscar nominated song 'Til It Happens To You' receives a standing ovation from the crowd. Best Actress Brie Larson stands up in support and embraces the sexual abuse survivors who participated.

Movies/TV Shows February 29, 2016

Leo Finally Gets His Oscar! Here Are All The Big Winners Of The Academy Awards

There may have been some baffling Oscar snubs for the 88th Academy Awards but Leonardo DiCaprio certainly is not one of them anymore! Take a look at the complete list of Oscars 2016 winners.

Movies/TV Shows February 29, 2016

How To Watch The 2016 Oscars On TV, Online And On Your iPhone Or Android Devices

Here's how to watch or stream the 88th Academy Awards on TV, online or on your mobile devices.

Movies/TV Shows February 28, 2016

Where You Can Stream 2016's Oscar-Nominated Films

Stream the movies that are nominated for the 88th Academy Awards on Netflix, Amazon Video, iTunes and Google Play.

Internet Culture February 27, 2016

Bing Is Using Facial Recognition To Help Users Find Their Oscar-Nominated Doppelgänger

Microsoft's Bing releases a new tool that uses facial and image recognition to determine a user's celebrity look-alike.

Internet February 24, 2016

These Hollywood Celebs Will Pass On The Oscars – Attending Event For Flint Water Crisis Instead

Some Hollywood celebrities have chosen to miss the Oscars in favor of helping alleviate more pressing problems in society. Ryan Coogler and Blackout for Human Rights members will launch a benefit event on Oscars’ night.

Society February 24, 2016

Chris Rock To Change His Oscars Opening Statement In Wake Of Diversity Controversy

The Oscars has come under fire from several parties over its diversity issues to the point where many have decided to boycott the show this year. However, Chris Rock, who will be hosting the event, is not in the mood for that.

Movies/TV Shows January 26, 2016

'Mad Max: Fury Road,' 'The Martian' And More Sci-Fi And Fantasy Films Score Big Oscar Nominations

This morning saw the announcement of the nominations for the 2016 Academy Awards, which included several science fiction and fantasy films, such as 'The Martian' and 'Max Max: Fury Road.'

Movies/TV Shows January 14, 2016

Awards Season Picks: 45 Movies That Could Take Home Oscar Nominations

It’s still a fair game for anyone but here are 45 movies possibly in the running for an Oscar or two. See if your own favorites made the list!

Movies/TV Shows November 8, 2015

Oscar-Winning 'Chariots Of Fire' Writer Colin Welland Passed Away

Academy-award winning 'Chariots of Fire' British screenwriter Colin Welland died at 81 years old. The 'Z-cars' actor passed away in his sleep on Monday night, after years of battling with Alzheimer's disease.

Internet Culture November 4, 2015

Look Who's Back: Chris Rock Will Host 2016 Oscars And Here's What To Expect

The Oscar Awards is welcoming back comedian Chris Rock as its host after 10 years. Producers David Hill and Reginald Hudlin say Rock is the perfect host to make the 88th Academy Awards fun.

Movies/TV Shows October 22, 2015

Neil Patrick Harris Might Not Host The Oscars Again: Here's Why

Although Neil Patrick Harris' hosting was, wait for it, legendary, it's a gig he most likely will not take up again.

Movies/TV Shows March 6, 2015

The Sound Of Music: 50 Fun Facts To Celebrate 50 Years Of The Enchanting Classic Musical

50 amazing facts about The Sound of Music as the movie musical celebrates its 50th year of making the hills come alive.

Movies/TV Shows March 2, 2015

Thief Returns Stolen Oscar Dress Of Lupita Nyong'o And Here's Why

What a shock it was to find out Lupita Nyong'o's Oscars dress was stolen, but it was an even bigger surprise to hear it was returned. Why didn't the thief keep it?

Movies/TV Shows March 1, 2015

Exclusive: The 'Yoda Dress' From The Oscars, Explained

Remember the 'Yoda Dress' worn to the Oscars by the wife of Disney's CEO? We have the full story on how and why she wore the dress, straight from Willow Bay, herself.

Movies/TV Shows February 25, 2015

Make Your Own LEGO Oscar — Here's How

Now you too can have a LEGO Oscar of your very own, just like all those celebrities at the Academy Awards. A helpful builder figured out how to make them and has posted instructions online.

Movies/TV Shows February 24, 2015

Lady Gaga Belts Out 'Sound Of Music' Medley At 2015 Oscars [Video]

Watch Lady Gaga perform a medley of songs from the film 'The Sound of Music' at the 2015 Academy Awards -- and Dame Julie Andrews herself was blown away.

Movies/TV Shows February 24, 2015

Hilarious Jimmy Kimmel After The Oscars Special Focuses On Kimmel School of Perfect Acting [Video]

It’s the finest acting school there is, says the greatest actors this generation has ever produced.

Movies/TV Shows February 24, 2015

Oscar 'Voxel' Reference Explained

The Oscar ceremony was peppered with pop culture and political side jokes, but possibly the most confusing was the reference to 'voxels' during the summary of the Science and Technical Awards. We explain what presenters Miles Teller and Margot Robbie were talking about.

Apps/Software February 23, 2015

Bing Correctly Predicts Over 80 Percent Of Oscar Winners

Despite its less-than-stellar reputation as a search engine, Microsoft's Bing correctly predicted many of last night's Oscar winners. It wasn't just a few lucky guesses, either - it was right 80% of the time.

Internet Culture February 23, 2015

John Travolta Went Full-On Creepy At The Oscars

If you watched the Oscars, then you saw the awkward face-grab. Unfortunately, it gets worse for John Travolta, who creeped everyone out in more ways than one.

Movies/TV Shows February 23, 2015

This Is How The Lego Oscars Were Made

Oscar statues made from Legos were one of best parts of last night's Academy Awards, animating stars like Oprah and Emma Stone.

Geek February 23, 2015

The Best Speeches From The 2015 Oscars: How Politics Energized The Lukewarm Show

The Oscars are known to drag on every year, but this year seemed particularly stale. Interestingly enough, the awards show became a platform for political theater where the speeches didn’t just punctuate the event, they were the event. Here’s a roundup of the best speeches from the night.

Movies/TV Shows February 23, 2015

Neil Patrick Harris Only Needed Five Seconds To Make Oscars History

Oscar Host, Neil Patrick Harris wasted no time in addressing the controversy of the Academy Awards as he opened the night with a big opening musical number.

Movies/TV Shows February 23, 2015

Birdman Wins Oscars 2015 Best Picture: Was 'Boyhood' Robbed?

To say many weren't happy with the academy's choice of best film would be an understatement. Social media and film critic response was fast and furious.

Movies/TV Shows February 23, 2015

How To Stream 2015 Oscars Online And On Your Android, iPhone Or Tablet

Even if you can't get in front on the television on Sunday night, there are still ways you can stream the 87th Academy Awards live on your computer, tablet or mobile device.

Internet Culture February 22, 2015

Essential Oscar Viewing Party Cocktails To Mix Up During Tonight's Ceremony

Celebrate the Oscars this year with movie and celebrity-inspired drinks to serve at your viewing party.

Movies/TV Shows February 22, 2015

2015 Oscar Predictions Roundup: Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, And Best Director

The votes have been cast and the winners will be revealed at the Oscars on Sunday night. Meanwhile, here are some fan favorite predictions.

Movies/TV Shows February 21, 2015

This 'Sesame Street' Parody Of 'Birdman' Deserves An Oscar

The Oscar-nominated film 'Birdman' is nothing like 'Sesame Street,' or so we all thought. In all actuality, it is everything like 'Sesame Street,' and this parody video will show you why.

Movies/TV Shows February 20, 2015

How To Watch The Oscar-Nominated Documentaries Online

The Oscars air this Sunday, Feb. 22. Find out how you can stream all of the Oscar-nominated documentary features so you can actually have an opinion on which one should win.

Movies/TV Shows February 20, 2015

Bomb Scare Near Oscars Venue In Hollywood Is False Alarm

The area around the Dolby Theatre was shut down for nearly 5 hours as police investigated a bomb threat.

Internet Culture February 20, 2015

Past Oscar-Winning Movies You Can Stream On Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu & Amazon Prime Instant Video

Spend your time waiting for the 87th Academy Awards on Sunday by watching throwback Oscar-award winning movies available to stream on Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu and Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Movies/TV Shows February 19, 2015

Why Are The Academy Awards Called The Oscars? The Nickname Might Have Been An Insult

The official name of the most prestigious awards ceremony in Hollywood may be the Academy Awards, but everyone calls them the Oscars. Why is that?

Movies/TV Shows February 18, 2015

How To Watch The Oscar-Nominated Animated Shorts Online

Some of the most unique and imaginative films this year are less than 40 minutes long and don't feature real people. Find out where you can stream this year's Oscar-nominated animated shorts.

Movies/TV Shows February 17, 2015

Oscars 2015: Watch All 8 Best Picture Nominees In Just 4 Minutes

The Oscars are coming, and you know what that means: famous people celebrating a bunch of movies you haven't seen. Your salvation has arrived, dear movie fan.

Movies/TV Shows February 16, 2015

This 'Whiplash' Parody With Calypso Music Is A Very Different Movie

'Whiplash' is probably the most intense movie of the year. However, swap out the drum kit for some steel drums, and you'll feel like you're on the beach sipping a Mai Tai instead.

Internet Culture February 16, 2015

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