The Division Exploit: Infinite Crafting Materials For Unlimited Weapons, Tools, Fabrics And More


Tom Clancy's The Division has just hit the shelves a few days ago, and the gaming community has already discovered an exploit for an endless supply of crafting materials.

Considering how Ubisoft Massive's latest title is a massive multiplayer shooter, it's more or less expected to have a crucial crafting system thrown in the mix. What's more, it's only natural for players who want to gain the edge take advantage of the exploit, but on that note, it's fortunately not a game-breaking "feature" of sorts. That means it won't exactly ruin the fun for others.

How To Get Infinite Crafting Materials In Tom Clancy's The Division

Step 1: Choose the material you want to collect, ranging from electronics and fabric to tools and weapon parts.

Step 2: Find a good source for the material you want to get.

Step 3: Gather all the materials in the containers, but do not leave the zone.

Step 4: Go to the matchmaking screen.

Step 5: Look for a Free Roam group.

Step 6: Head over to the source area and gather the same materials from the containers again.

Step 7: Repeat until you're satisfied with what you've collected.

Note: the car park located near the Base of Operations is an excellent source of tools, as there are two toolboxes there.

As everyone can imagine, the process takes quite a while, but nevertheless, it's an inexhaustible supply of crafting materials that guarantees to provide everything a player needs, not to mention that it seems to be a tad faster compared to roaming Manhattan and picking up resources.

Granted, loot and equipment comes by pretty easily in The Division, but crafted equipment is typically more superior to the random gears that enemies will provide.

It's safe to bet that more and better exploits will soon come to light, but that's not saying that this one is lackluster or anything like that, as it is currently the most efficient way to gear up and move ahead of the competition in The Division.

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