Range Rover Evoque Convertible Review: First Drive Impressions Of Experts


Land Rover has built a new luxury convertible sport-utility vehicle based on its well-renowned model. Say hello to Range Rover Evoque Convertible 2016.

A few years ago, the automaker initially revealed this new convertible SUV as being a concept. While it received some disapproval from fans and media, it didn't stop Land Rover to push the development of its Evoque Convertible.

Let's check out what the industry experts have to say about their first drive impressions of the Evoque Convertible.

The Advantages

What makes the convertible noteworthy, according to a review from Top Gear, is "it's go everything the next-generation Evoque has."

"[It features] the usual Terrain Response electronics that take the pain out of wet grass clutch control, sophisticated four-wheel drive that defaults to front-wheel drive when cruising, wade sensing (500mm wade capability), all terrain progress control (ATPC), hill descent control - the lot," it says.

It adds that the car drives "remarkably well ... safe and controlled."

A review from Autoevolution believes that the car "certainly stands out in a sea of other SUVs." It adds that the company seems to have been careful in preserving "all the off-road capabilities" of the vehicle.

AutoSpies, in the meantime, compares the car with Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet. It says unlike the latter, The Evoque Convertible rocks a "style and attitude."

While the car has a few flaws, AutoSpies believes that consumers "who shop Rodeo Drive and Worth Avenue will not mind too much."

Auto Express, in its review, says that what makes the car notable is that the automaker managed to "fit a folding fabric roof, rather than a retractable hard-top."

It says that the Evoque Convertible performs well off-road, "even away from its urban comfort zone, deep in the heart of the snow-sodden Alps."

Headroom is likewise not a problem with its roof down. Taller individuals, though, might find linger journeys a bit more difficult because the car's knee room is a bit "on the short side."

Auto Express has also pushed out a video of its review on the new Range Rover Evoque Convertible. It used an "early pre-production model" of the vehicle in its review. The video discusses the pros and cons of the roofless SUV.

Here is the video.

The Disadvantages

The Evoque Convertible is not without its downsides.

For one, it's said to be "as slow as a regular compact." The car's 2.0-liter turbo engine has the capacity to deliver a 0 to 60 mph time of 7.8 seconds and a top speed of 112 mph (180 km/h).

Autocar thinks that the 18 seconds needed for the car's Z-fold fabric roof to go down (nor the 21 seconds required for it to come back up) "isn't fantastically quick."

Motorward says that while the vehicle seems glamorous, it seems that the car lacks other aspects, including "practicality and usability."

While this convertible manages to carry four people, Top Gear observes that it has a "very upright rear seats."

Another con, according to Auto Express, is that because of the required to stow the roof of the car, its boot capacity "shrinks from 420 [liters] in the hard-top to just 251 [liters] in the convertible."

Furthermore, it also notices that the car produces a "faint whistle" around the vehicle's mirror when it is running at higher speeds.


Here are the other specs the Evoque Convertible has in store:

It has a Roll-over Protection Device (RPD) system
It sports a four-seat interior
It features InControl Touch Pro with a 10.2-inch capacitive touch screen
It has a 3G Wi-Fi Hotspot
It comes fitted with a 251-lb-ft of torque and 240 horsepower

Price And Availabilility

Those who wish to drive their very own Evoque Convertible should need to fork out $50,475 in the United States. This amount does not include the $995 destination plus handling fees.

This car is expected to hit showrooms in the United States around the middle of 2016.

In the United Kingdom, the HSE Dynamic model is priced at £47,500 ($68,244) while the HSE Dynamic Lux model costs £51,700 ($74,279).

The Bottom Line

Whether or not this Range Rover Evoque Convertible is worth it depends on your specific taste and what you want to use this convertible vehicle for.

However, experts who have already tried driving the car are calling it "attractive," "properly sorted" and "glamorous." On top of that, Land Rover itself is touting it as the "world's first luxury convertible SUV."

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