A recent report claimed that Microsoft will no longer be accepting Bitcoins as a mode of payment for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile content purchased from the Microsoft Store.

The decision by Microsoft to stop accepting Bitcoins was seen in the support page for Windows 10, with the dropped support for the digital currency perhaps due to the small number of transactions that were made using it. The feature has only been online for a few months, with Bitcoin support added by Microsoft in late December of last year.

Bitcoin users, however, should no longer be worried, as Microsoft said that it will still be supporting the digital currency after all.

According to Microsoft, the message on the company's website which stated that Bitcoins will no longer be supported was posted by mistake. The statement has now been corrected, with the company stating that it has no idea how the wrong message was accidentally posted.

"We continue to support bitcoin for adding money to your Microsoft Account, which can be used for purchasing content in the Windows and Xbox stores," clarified Microsoft in a statement, as the company apologized for the confusion caused by the false message.

A collaboration with BitPay, announced in December 2015, allowed the company to accept Bitcoins as payment for customers purchasing digital content such as video games for the Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox Games, Xbox Video and Xbox Music stores.

Customers, however, were not allowed to purchase hardware such as Xbox One consoles and software such as Microsoft Office using Bitcoins.

Users were given the ability to add $100 at a time to their Microsoft accounts through the redemption of Bitcoins through their digital wallets, with support for the payment option initially rolled out to customers in the United States.

Microsoft customers that have been using Bitcoins as their primary mode of payment would be overjoyed to know that the digital currency is still being accepted by Microsoft.

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