Google Maps is arguably as — if not, more — effective than any GPS navigational system out there.

That being said, a bad bout of traffic in a major city is going to leave the company's turn-by-turn direction system as futile as any, leaving users looking for another way to navigate and get where they need to go.

As of Tuesday, users have just that, as Google announced that Maps has now enabled users to also check out other travel information, including the bus, walking a few blocks, hailing a taxi or even finding a ride-sharing service.

Now, when you search for directions using Google Maps on your smartphone, you'll get a dedicated tab for information on other means of traveling, whether it be by bus, walking, biking, taxi or ride-sharing services.

The app is also smart enough to provide you with options with which you're already familiar and comfortable. Best of all, though, the update of Maps seeks to find the fastest possible means of travel to get you to your destination.

"So when you're leaving work to meet a friend for dinner, you can easily compare your options to find the fastest way there, without having to open multiple apps," Google software engineer Holger Flier boasted as part of the blog post Tuesday to make the announcement.

With Google already counting Uber as a ride-service partner, with this update, Maps will expand to offer new ride-service options to five different countries, with Ola Cabs being offered in India, 99Taxis in Brazil, Hailo in the United Kingdom and Spain and mytaxi in Germany and Spain.

If you have such a provider's app installed on your smartphone, Maps' dedicated tab will give you fare estimates and pickup times if a car is nearby. Clicking on the service through the tab will then take you to that service, where you can order your ride.

Google says this update to Maps will be available to new ride services on Android, with the update's new features arriving to iOS devices "very soon" thereafter.

Maps is already a great tool. Seems like it just got better.

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