Google Maps users on the iOS can now add stops along their routes, providing a more convenient experience for everyone hitting the road.

The feature solves a small but inconvenient problem that users face: the need to key in their destinations again whenever they need to modify them or include new detours. Usually, the reasons for doing so are for bathroom breaks and meal stops.

It launched on the Android platform back in October 2015, and it sure took a while for it to roll out on the iOS. Nevertheless, it's good news to hear that it's available on Apple devices now too.

"[S]tarting today, this feature will start rolling out on iOS as well, in any country where we offer navigation-more than 100 worldwide. So no matter where you're from, where you are, or whether you use Android or iPhone, making a pit stop is now a breeze," Aditya Dhanrajani, product manager of Google Maps, says.

This goes without saying, but it appears like it's a feature that should've came with the Google Maps to begin with. For the record, Apple Maps doesn't have an equivalent to offer.

To make the most out of it, users simply have to tap on the magnifying glass button positioned on the upper right corner while on navigation mode. The app will then pull up a menu that consists of places that it thinks will help travelers, including gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores and coffee shops.

Of course, users can search for specific places as well via voice command or manual text input through the search function.

In an effort to help everyone have a safe and enjoyable trip, Google Maps will also outline details of each stop, from an establishment's rating to the estimated amount of time that a detour will add to the whole journey.

The update for the Google Maps for iOS is already live and is available on the App Store.

It's also worth mentioning that Google has also released offline navigation for the Apple version of Google Maps.

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