LinkedIn has positioned itself as the world's largest social network dedicated to serving 259 million professionals worldwide.

Strengthening its position, it acquired social news reading app Pulse in April for $90 million.

Putting that purchase to work, LinkedIn announced that its news curation feature LinkedIn Today will be replaced by Pulse on both desktop and mobile platforms. The integration will come as users will see article recommendations based on the subject categories and people followed on the social network. Users who sign into LinkedIn will see Pulse's news recommendations first.

Product manager at LinkedIn and Pulse co-founder Ankit Gupta notes the positives of the integration.

"It also means that the professional news you've come to expect and rely on from LinkedIn just got better-infused with addd discovery and navigation functionality as well as expanded publisher content," said Gupta.

Hoping to provide a mix of original and outside content on the social network, LinkedIn is aiming to boost the number and frequency of users coming on a regular basis. Many LinkedIn visitors utilize the site for posting resumes along with users seeking employment and potential employees.

According to Head of Content Products at LinkedIn, Ryan Roslansky, the integration of Pulse was a part of the plan.

"It was always our intention to bring these two technologies much closer together," Roslansky said.

The transition comes as upgrades to the Pulse mobile app will incorporate LinkedIn integration. Users will be able to log into the app using their LinkedIn IDs and sync any channels a user follows on LinkedIn.

Something not available of previous versions, Pulse will also allow users to comment on and "like" articles from the mobile app. Interactions will then appear on the user's profile page.

Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn CEO, intends for mobile to play a bigger part in the company's future and Pulse is its first big step.

LinkedIn Pulse's app is available now on Apple's App Store and Google Play.

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