Users will now be able to reply to email even faster thanks to this new feature that was just released for Inbox.

Inbox by Gmail is the email service for mobile devices and the Web that is essentially another version of Gmail that often launches new features to better help its users manage their emails.

Among these new features includes "Smart Reply," which previously launched on the app last year. Now, Google announced on Tuesday that Smart Reply has now come to Inbox for the Web.

Smart Reply saves users time by suggesting up to three responses so that they just have to click on the message most suitable and hit reply to send. The responses that are displayed are based on the emails the user receives, such a yes or no reply depending on what the recipient wrote in their message.

The Inbox user also has the choice of editing the Smart Reply message to better answer the email or add to what they want to say.

Those who use Gmail on their work or home desktop might just want to start using the more organized Inbox to help them save time. While it's so convenient to just tap the button that has the response the user wants to give, it's important to note that these automatic responses aren't exactly on point each time. Even still, it's nice to have the option to just click and be done with that message. Plus, the service will learn which responses the user prefers over time.

Google revealed that the feature is already used in 10 percent of all replies for the mobile version of Inbox. It only makes sense that the company would then launch Smart Reply for its Web users.

Google previously released a new "snooze" option for its app users. The feature now allows users to select when they want to see the email again. These options include snoozing the message until "tomorrow," "later this week," "this weekend" or "someday." The user can also select a customized date and time.

Source: Gmail Blog

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