Alleged Image Of iPhone 7 Plus Shows Off Dual-Lens Camera And Smart Connector


A purported first real image of the iPhone 7 Plus has been spotted in the wild.

The photo shows off a few possible features of the handset, including a dual-lens camera, a smart connector and more.

The photo has emerged on Chinese website Bastille Post and shared at the PhilMUG forums by Cmmig.

Here are the most noteworthy features of the next-generation iPhone, if the leaked image can be believed.

1. Dual-Lens Camera – the alleged real photo confirms earlier rumors that the iPhone 7 Plus will sport a dual-lens camera. The image, though, shows that it is housed in a pill-shaped, protruding enclosure. Other renders that previously surfaced show the phone as having two separate circular camera openings.

2. LED Flash And Microphone – the microphone and LED flash of the handset is seen alongside the dual-lens camera.

3. Smart Connector – three dots can be seen at the bottom of the iPhone. A report from MacRumors assumes that it is the phone's smart connector. This handy feature was first added to the iPad Pro, which the report says is used to "transmit both data and power at the same time for use with accessories." It's obviously not clear yet at the moment how this feature would be used on the iPhone 7.

4. Repositioned Antenna Bands – the photo also shows that the antenna bands are positioned along the top and bottom edges of the iPhone.

The leaked image, however, does not confirm if the iPhone 7 phones will veer away from the 3.5 mm headphone jack to pave the way for the much-rumored all-in-one Lightning connector, which is believed to be used for charging, audio output and accessory connectivity.

In the meantime, Feld & Volk, an aftermarket iPhone modification firm, has pushed out a few renders that highlight the features shown on the recently-leaked photo, along with other earlier features seen on other renders.

Feld & Volk thinks that both the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus could rock a dual-lens camera, as opposed to other earlier speculations suggesting that the feature would only be exclusive to the bigger sibling.

On top of that, it also believed that the iPhone 7 will have around 6.1 mm (0.24 inches) thickness that excludes the protrusion of the camera. Of course, it also boasts the smart connector, as shown on the recently-leaked photo.

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