Waze for iOS got a neat new update, complete with a currently exclusive feature called Planned Drives that aims to make life easier for commuters.

Google's Waze navigation app is one of the most popular tools of its kind, as it offers a slew of great features and functionality. The app is notably improving with each new version as well, constantly receiving updates to improve the experience.

For iOS users, Waze now has an exclusive new feature that allows them to schedule their commutes, even a few days ahead of time. This way, users can better plan their commute and accommodate for various traffic scenarios.

The Waze traffic and navigation app is community-based, and this model alone brings great benefits. Drivers share real-time information regarding traffic and roads, which helps everyone plan and commute better. The new Planned Drives for iOS now takes things to the next level, adding even more benefits.

"New! Arrive on time with 'Planned drives'. You can now schedule a drive and get a reminder to leave on time based on live traffic conditions," touts the updated app's description on the iTunes App Store.

At the same time, users can now find out just what caused a traffic jam in case an accident or some other reason was reported. If the reason is known, it will appear in the Waze Traffic Bar.

Users can invoke the Planned Drives feature with ease: just pick a destination and tap an icon in the ETA panel of the app. Waze will then show you the peak traffic hours for your route and notify you when you should leave to reach your destination in time, based on live traffic conditions.

Users can manually create their trips in Waze, but the app can also import events from users' Facebook accounts or iOS Calendars, automatically pulling the time and address of the events so you don't have to.

The app also leaves room for some flexibility, allowing users to add detours after they hit the road. This is particularly in handy when planning to stop at a restaurant or a gas station along the way.

The app update also brings about some bug fixes and stability improvements, as expected. Moreover, Waze for iOS will also mute its own audio when users make a call on their iPhone.

Android users don't get the same treatment just yet, but they haven't been left out in the cold either. Waze for Android recently got an update as well, gaining a fresh new look with version 4.0.

Lastly, it's worth pointing out that Planned Drives will not remain exclusive to iOS for much longer. Waze says that it plans to roll out the feature soon for Android users as well, and we'll keep you up to date as soon as it does.

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