Google Waze announced the launch of a Waze Transport software development kit to its first set of business partners.

With the Transport SDK, these partners can integrate natively some of Waze's most relevant features into their own apps.

"Using the SDK, businesses will be able to improve their own services by utilizing Waze's ETA, turn-by-turn navigation and preferred routing, all while reducing the friction of having to swap between apps - a common complaint amongst professional drivers," said Waze.

The announcement also revealed the first set of partners who are looking into enhancing their apps with the Waze SDK. These include Lyft, 99Taxis, Cabify, Cornershop, JustPark and Genesis Pulse.

For its partners, Waze said that the Transport SDK can be a useful tool in growing one's business. By utilizing the app's better optimized routes, these partners can ultimately gain more customers.

There is also the chance of saving more lives as emergency dispatch providers such as Genesis PULSE can now take advantage of the app's features. Moreover, new partners are encouraged to build new features in order to deliver an enhanced user experience.

Apart from helping partners to grow their business, the Transport SDK also offers numerous benefits to the users and the Waze community.

For the users, the Transport SDK will significantly improve the way passengers hail for a ride by making their waiting time shorter and ensuring a faster and more efficient route. Customers can also take advantage of the app's innovative technology that can determine the exact delivery time.

Currently, there are more than 50 million Waze users who are utilizing the app's navigation features. The launch of its Transport SDK will eventually widen the Waze community as it will eventually add hundreds of thousands of professional drivers to its existing user base. A bigger community can definitely help in improving the Waze map and increase its data, which will promote safer and smarter driving on the road.

Waze is now seen in nine countries and in a number of various industries. In the future, the company hopes to build partnerships with other key industries such as food delivery and valet parking.

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