343 Industries has shed light on the next drop of free content that's coming in April for Halo 5: Guardians. Apart from map and kit details, the studio is sharing a bit of lore to go along with the upcoming Ghosts of Meridian update.

Liang-Dortmund Corporation might have suffered a huge setback with the loss of Pinnacle Station, but demand for Meridian's resources are virtually unaffected and the corporation's regional directors have started on their plan B to restore production by setting up at Darkstar Station.

"Despite the uncertain astro-political climate, Liang-Dortmund continues an accelerated resource gathering operation while tacit permission exists, transferring one of its largest resource processor ships, additional workers, and human resource specialists to Meridian's orbit in order to continue work and assess the company's remaining investments," says 343 Industries.

However, the frequency of anomalies beneath the surface and under the ancient machinery attracts the attention of the UNSC. So the marines prepare to return to the surface to look for answers, "regardless of what forces that intervention may unleash."

Previously, 343 Industries detailed what this part of the Warzone will look like come early April when the free update is unleashed. It will bring new weapons, skins, helmets, armor, assassinations, emblems, vehicles and a new map.

"The upcoming map brings an entirely new feel to the Warzone experience, with a variety of unique sightlines, flank routes, and cover pieces that invite you to push across and throughout the map, dodge danger from patrolling vehicles, and perfectly time an attack on opponents," 343 Industries said. "If you've been anxiously awaiting a new place to bust out your finest REQs and lay down destruction, this is it."

The studio offered no details on the Hannibal Mantis, war mech it teased during a live stream. But the walking tank is sure to play a large role in around Darkstar Station.

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