Warning: spoilers for The Walking Dead ahead!

It might be the penultimate episode for season six of AMC's The Walking Dead, but two major characters are missing: the first is Carol, whose moral crisis came to a head with her decision to secretly leave Alexandria, and Negan, whose non-presence has been an anticipatory arc all on its own — and won't exactly be earned until he appears in the season finale. 

So, until that finale comes, the survivors in Alexandria have a complicated mess to deal with from what we saw in Sunday night's episode "Twice as Far," not only when it comes to the fallout from Carol's departure, but the shocking death of Denise (though, as Gizmodo noted, the quiet and subdued nature of the beginning of the episode should have tipped us off: "[The Walking Dead] has conditioned us all to get even more worried about a character dying when the episode seems quiet and low-key"). It might be that only Daryl's profound reaction to Denise's offing might be shown — but from what we can tell, it certainly gets the ball rolling in March 27's episode, titled "East."

Here's the official synopsis for "East," courtesy of AMC:

"Alexandria is alerted after realizing someone is missing. Several search parties will venture out, but what they find isn't what they're hoping for."

The teaser seems to go a bit more in-depth on this. From what we can piece together, it looks like Carol's departure has severely impacted Daryl, who sets forth on his own — and in an ensuing cause-and-effect, Glenn's motives to find both of them might be inseparable with a vendetta against the Saviors and their leader, Dwight. Rick's response to Carol's MIA status is to set up search parties to go look for her and have the rest defend their outpost, but the survivors in Alexandria might get more than they bargained for.

However, don't worry — fans of Rick and Michonne's romance also have something to look forward to. In a clip released on AMC's follow-up talk-back show The Talking Dead, it looks like there's no shortage of action — or drama — on that front.


Check out the trailer for "East" in the video clip below.


Source: YouTube

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