FordPass is just days away from launching in April.

With the digital mobility platform promising to arm users with a "smarter way to move," members of the impending FordPass will always be grooving while they commute, too. That's because, on Tuesday, Ford announced that its FordPass has struck a partnership with Spotify.

"The FordPass platform is about understanding people's needs and developing great experiences and ways to help them move better," Elena Ford, the automaker's vice president of global dealer and consumer experience, said in the company's press release statement. "The combination of FordPass and Spotify will create a great music experience both inside and outside of the vehicle."

This is all a part of Ford expanding from an automaker into a mobility company, with FordPass attempting to be the mobility experience platform to car owners what iTunes was for music fans in reshaping the entire experience. The partnership with Spotify more than makes sense, considering FordPass will be aiming to tap into the 900-plus hours that people spend on the move annually, with the streaming music service ensuring that users are at least entertained while doing so.

"Our goal is to light up the FordPass experience with music," Jorge Espinel, Spotify's vice president for business development, said as part of Ford's press release Tuesday. "We want to be everywhere fans listen to music, and this partnership deepens our relationship with Ford and FordPass members."

In addition to Spotify, Ford says its FordPass will also be partnering with providers of news, sports, audiobooks and children's programming to expand the entire experience.

Overall, FordPass aims to make the entire experience of traveling that much more efficient, digitally offering up everything from one-on-one help with your vehicle to smart parking features and connectivity, while even giving users reward perks along the way.

FordPass is just part of the company's Smart Mobility blueprint to extend the company from an established automaker, bringing it into the worlds of connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles and an enhanced customer experience with data and analytics.

To the latter, Ford will also be introducing physical FordHubs as destinations aimed to "help shape the future at new mobility experience centers," with the first of such locations slated to open at Westfield World Trade Center in New York City later this year.

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