Either something is rotten in a galaxy far, far away ... or Harrison Ford might be trolling Star Wars fans everywhere. From what we can take from a recent appearance on The Ellen Show to promote the upcoming DVD release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the man who embodied Han Solo seemed to either be completely disillusioned with Hollywood or was just simply having a laugh.

In a brief opening bit with Chewbacca (unfortunately, not played by Peter Mayhew), DeGeneres joked that she "should have thought through" having the wookiee on set, lamenting that she needed someone to translate his bleats and bloops. In the nick of time, special guest Harrison Ford made his entrance with a trademark Indiana Jones-esque grin ... and then, it all got weird from there.

Ford, whose edgy, jumpy body language made him seem uneasy on set, became visibly uncomfortable when Ellen remarked how much he must have, and continues to make, off of the seventh installment in the Star Wars franchise. Things then got a bit too real when the host brought up the planned Han Solo movie prequel — Ford dismissed the idea of a "new" Han, staking out his claim on the iconic role.

Ford specified that the character is, indeed, "not a new Han Solo," but "a ... a ... young. It's worse than that, it's a young Han Solo."

Seemingly surprised when Ellen mentioned Disney's well-reported audition process for its Han Solo spin-off's protagonist, he responded with "well ... I'm flattered."

As for what advice he'd give to the future, as-of-now uncast actor for filling Ford's shoes (or leather vest) for the role? To paraphrase: a solid "run away while you still can."

"Don't do it," said the actor. "First, you know, it seems like everything's going swimmingly, and you put in 25, 30 years, and they just ... they just let you go. And they show you the door: 'We're done with you, thanks very much.'"

While the actor could have been sincere, the Mary Sue pointed out that he could have been "channeling Jeff Goldblum a little here." On top of that, Ford has a long history of messing around with his fan base."

Watch a cantakerous Harrison Ford chat with Ellen DeGeneres about his Star Wars legacy — with a quick cameo from Chewbacca — in the video clip below.


Source: YouTube

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