Good news, fans of the 2001 FOX cult comedy show The Tick! There have been news about the show making a comeback and, after years of waiting, it is confirmed that Ben Edlund's antennae'd comic book character, is definitely returning — this time on Amazon — and British comedian Peter Serafinowicz has been cast as the lead.

Serafinowicz will be playing the ripped blue-suited superhero, Tick, who is recovering from memory loss in this reboot. Despite his condition, he goes off with his sidekick, Arthur, and fights evil.

Arthur Everest, played by Griffin Newman, will be considered by people as schizophrenic because nobody believes his claim that evil plans to rule the city. It isn't until he meets Tick that someone finally believes him and they team up to fight evil. Newman and Serafinowicz already seem to have hit it off.

Valorie Curry, a Veronica Mars alum, will be taking on the role of Dot Everest, Arthur's nurse sister who loves and worries about him a lot.

Casting is still on-going so we will probably hear more about The Tick in the coming days. After all, the team is not complete without Captain Liberty and Batmanuel.

Wally Pfister is directing the pilot so we've got our hopes up since he worked in the Dark Knight trilogy and Inception with Christopher Nolan.

Ben Edlund, who created the comic book character and was on board during the nine-episode run of its live-action adaptation on FOX back in 2001, will serve as the reboot's writer and executive producer.

Barry Josephson is also back as the reboot's executive producer along with the original studio, Sony Pictures TV. This only goes to show how much dedication the old team has for the reboot so here's to hoping that Amazon doesn't stop with the pilot and orders a full season soon.


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