In the wake of a pair of terrorist attacks that rocked Belgian capitol Brussels and left the entire country on edge, the U.S.' top four wireless carriers are chipping into the early recovery effort by offering free calls and text messages to Belgium.

As of now, Belgian authorities are still following up leads in an effort to prevent what they believe are one or more imminent attacks tied to the first two. 

So during these tense times, the U.S. wireless carriers have offered tentative terms for those making calls to Belgium over the next few days. Each wireless carrier's terms are different, so here's the rundown:

Sprint (March 22–31) — Sprint is waiving charges for all Sprint customer calls placed from the U.S. to Belgium. The company won't bill international roaming charges to Sprint, Sprint prepaid, Virgin Mobile and Boost mobile subscribers in Belgium.

"This is an extremely difficult time for many of our customers who have friends and family in Belgium and need to keep in touch," says Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure. "We want to do what we can to show our support and comfort to Sprint customers."

Verizon (March 22 and 23, Belgium; 19 and 20 Turkey) — Verizon wireless and landline subscribers will not be charged for calls placed from the U.S. to Belgium and the U.S. to Turkey.

"In this time of uncertainty, we want to support our customers affected by the Brussels and Turkey attacks, so Verizon is offering free wireless and wireline calling from the U.S. to Belgium and Turkey to connect with family and friends," reads a statement from Verizon.

AT&T (March 22–28) — AT&T postpaid and prepaid calls placed from the U.S. to Belgium will be waived or credited.

"Our thoughts are with the people of Belgium and our customers who have friends and family there," AT&T says in a statement. 

T-Mobile (March 22–25, Belgium; March 19–22, Turkey) — T-Mobile postpaid calls and texts from the U.S. to Belgium and Turkey are free.

"I'm speechless" says John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. "Our hearts are with everyone affected by the horrible acts of terrorism. Please take care of each other." 

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