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T-Mobile FamilyMode Lets Parents Monitor Kids' Location, Online Activity, And More

T-Mobile announced a new FamilyMode option for parents to keep tabs on their kids' location, online activity, available content, and more. The service launches on June 29 and an optional Home Base component extends the functionality to one's home Wi-Fi network.

Internet June 27, 2018

Verizon Adds New Unlimited Data Plan With More Perks, But It's Also More Expensive

Verizon announced a more expensive tier called 'Above Unlimited,' which offers more perks and premium features. At the same time, the carrier is also allowing customers to mix and match various plans on the same account.

Internet June 15, 2018

Sprint Offers Unlimited Plans For $15: Here Are The Details To Help You Decide

Sprint announced new unlimited plan that will give other carriers a run for their money. The time-limited offer gives users unlimited data, talk time, and text messages for only $15 a month.

Internet June 8, 2018

T-Mobile Port Out Scam Alert Is Real: Here's What To Do To Protect Your Account

T-Mobile warned customers of a port-out scam that can have dire consequences. Here's what to do to protect your account.

Security February 6, 2018

Switching Wireless Carriers? Tips On How To Pick Your Next Cell Phone Plan

Looking to switch wireless carriers? It can be hard to choose between the big four: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. We've created a guide on how to pick your next cell phone plan.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 29, 2018

Verizon Ranks Top In Latest RootMetrics Report: Most Reliable Network In US

RootMetrics published its latest report on Thursday, Feb. 23, revealing that Verizon is still the most reliable network in the United States. The report ranks AT&T second, followed by Sprint and T-Mobile.

Business Tech February 23, 2017

Sensorly App Launches Crowdsourcing Feature For Tracking And Sharing Carrier Coverage And Speed

The app Sensorly that provides unbiased wireless carrier information launched a new feature called Map Trip that has users tracking their carrier coverage and network speeds.

Apps/Software February 21, 2017

Sprint Steps Up Its Game To Now Offer The Cheapest Unlimited Plan For Multiple Lines With HD Video

Sprint announced an improvement to its recently launched unlimited plan that now includes HD video and 10 GB of hotspot data for $50 per line, $90 for two lines and $22.50 per line for four lines.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 16, 2017

Sprint Offering Unlimited Data Plan For 5 Lines At $90

Sprint has a new unlimited data plan that will offer users five lines for $90 per month. The Sprint offer is aimed at luring more consumers but comes with some caveats.

Internet February 12, 2017

Sprint Will Pay Customers $200 To Switch Back After Moving To Another Carrier: Subscriber Tug-Of-War Intensifies

Sprint, looking to increase its number of subscribers, has started to offer $200 worth of credit for customers who return to the service after switching to rival carriers. The promotion is set to run until mid-September.

Business Tech August 16, 2016

Sprint Returns To Growth, But Faces Hefty Financial Quarterly Loss

Sprint’s results for the last quarter were a mixed bag. On one hand, the company drew a significant number of new post-paid customers, while on the other its profits took a dive.

Business Tech July 25, 2016

AT&T, T-Mobile And Sprint Provide Free Calls And Text To Ecuador Following 7.8-Magnitude Earthquake

U.S. carriers AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint announced that they will offer free call and text services to Ecuador following the deadly earthquake that hit the nation on April 16. Carrier subsidiaries such as MetroPCS, GoSmart Mobile, Walmart Family Mobile, Boost Mobile, and Virgin Mobile USA are also included.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 18, 2016

AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile And Verizon Offer Free Calls And Text To Belgium Following Terrorist Attacks

U.S. wireless carriers step up to offer free calling to Belgium. Each carrier has its own way of covering the charges.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 23, 2016

Verizon Gears Up To Pilot Blazing-Fast 5G Technology In US This Year

After introducing the first 4G network to the United States six years ago, Verizon is aiming higher than ever. The carrier announced its plans to launch a hyper fast 5G network until 2020, and is working double time to make it happen.

FUTURE TECH January 23, 2016

T-Mobile Offers $200 Credit To Sprint Defectors But Investors Aren’t Happy

Sprint is on the backfoot right now as T-Mobile is pushing a new $200 credit plan for anyone who chooses to leave Sprint for the Un-carrier.

Business December 1, 2015

Sprint Is Really Desperate For You To Switch, Offers To Charge Half The Price You Pay At Rivals… Again

Sprint is revisiting an old promotion to bring in new customers. This time, it has more respect for T-Mobile.

Business November 19, 2015

Verizon Brings Back $20 Activation Fee Expected To Raise Profits By $122 Million

Verizon is tacking on an additional fee to its contract-free plans. Just months before waiving the activation fee, Big Red is bringing it back to life.

November 14, 2015

Wireless Carrier Review Puts T-Mobile At The Top

According to a research conducted by the folks at Tom's Guide, which gauged how nine major U.S. network operators compare against each other, T-Mobile emerged the best overall carrier with 91 points.

Business September 25, 2015

Apple Announced iPhone 6s Preorders On Track To Beat iPhone 6 Record

Apple says preorders for its latest iPhones will surpass the record its previous iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices set last year when they sold 10 million units in its opening weekend.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech September 14, 2015

Sprint Offers One-Year Free Wireless Service to DirecTV Subscribers In A Bold Swipe At AT&T

Sprint is taking a direct aim at AT&T by offering a year’s worth of free cellular service to all customers of DirecTV, which AT&T just bought for nearly $50 billion.

Business August 29, 2015

Price Wars Force AT&T To Introduce New Plans With More Data For The Same Price Or Less

If you ever needed proof that a little bit of competition is good for the market, just look at the mobile industry as Verizon and AT&T submit to the pressure from T-Mobile.

Business August 15, 2015

T-Mobile Announces Jump On Demand Payment Plan

T-Mobile announced its latest payment plan that allows customers to walk out with a new smartphone three times a year without money down, paying sales tax or fees.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech June 25, 2015

T-Mobile Targets Verizon Customers With 'Never Settle' Campaign: Here Are The Promo Details

Ever the same aggressive T-Mobile goes after Verizon with a new promo that lets Verizon customers take T-Mobile’s network out for a free spin.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech May 5, 2015

Google Wireless Service To Launch As Early As April 22: Report

Verizon and AT&T had best watch their backs with Google all set to officially unveil its wireless service on Wednesday.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 22, 2015

T-Mobile Promises Forever: What You Should Know About Un-contract And Carrier Freedom

The Un-carrier introduces a new kind of contract, one that locks in its commitment to the consumer instead of the other way around.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 19, 2015

Hate The Verizon Logo On Nexus 6? Here's How To Remove It

For people who want to get rid of the Verizon logo on the back of their Nexus 6 for good, here is what to do.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 18, 2015

Gemalto Claims SIM Cards Are Safe. Experts Disagree

Security experts challenge Gemalto’s results of its “thorough” investigation of the Edward Snowden assertion that millions of SIM cards were breached by the GCHQ with help from the NSA.

Business February 26, 2015

Artemis To Use Dish Spectrum To Test Faster Wireless Technology In San Francisco

Traditional carriers say the technology for faster wireless is five years away, but a small company is testing what it sees to be the wireless of the future now.

Internet February 24, 2015

Sprint Adds 967,000 Subscribers, Thanks to 'Cut Your Bill in Half' Campaign

Sprint’s numerous, and sometimes confusing, promotions appear to be working for the beleaguered carrier as Sprint adds nearly 1 million new subscribers over the holidays.

Business January 9, 2015

T-Mobile Threatens to Shake Up Rivals with Un-Carrier 8.0 Event: What Will the Surprise Be?

T-Mobile is getting ready for Un-carrier 8.0 on Tuesday. What surprises could the pink carrier have in store for customers and potential customers?

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 16, 2014

Canadian Regulators Probe Apple for Anti-Competition Deals

Canadian regulators wanted to know if the customers of Apple have spent higher for mobile phones as caused by some mobile phone deals made by the company with local carriers.

Business December 13, 2014

T-Mobile Rolls Out $100 Shared Plan with Unlimited Data, Talk, Text. Here are the Details

T-Mobile launching the only unlimited 4G LTE family plan in the United States. Rates start at $100 for two family members, with a $40 additional charge for every other family member to be included in the plan.

Deals December 10, 2014

NSA Auroragold Program Designed to Spy on Any Wireless Network Anywhere

New documents from the Edward Snowden archives reveal Auroragold, a secret NSA operation that has broken into majority of the world’s wireless carriers.

Internet December 9, 2014

Operation Auroragold Allows NSA to Spy on Carriers Worldwide and Plant Bugs

NSA is spying on your cellphone carrier so it can spy on you. That is the latest discovery in the Edward Snowden archives that aims to bring to light the U.S. government’s massive surveillance operation.

Internet December 6, 2014

Verizon vs. AT&T: Who Has the Most Loyal Wireless Customers?

While the two leading wireless carriers in terms of customer loyalty are clearly Verizon and AT&T, according to the recent data and surveys, which one comes out on top?

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 18, 2014

T-Mobile ups the ante as price war ignites for the wireless user

T-Mobile will be offering customers unlimited talk, text and 2 GB of LTE data for only $45. This is the carrier's latest effort to attract customers from Sprint.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 25, 2014

T-Mobile: We want to save your family, friends from Sprint's torment, end the suffering

While Sprint and T-Mobile ran into problems trying to merge, the pair have no trouble trading shots over services. T-Mobile offers to rescue "beleaguered" customer from Sprint's tyranny.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 21, 2014

Sprint ready, patiently planning for merger with T-Mobile

Sprint parent company SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son says he is ready to wait out decision by regulators on the T-Mobile merger. The deal could take at least 12 months to have a ruling.

Deals July 16, 2014

SoftBank: We're optimistic on Sprint and T-Mobile merger

SoftBank continues to push potential merger with T-Mobile. The move has been met with resistance from American regulators.

Deals June 17, 2014

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