Wonder Woman Is The Main Reason Moviegoers Want To See 'Batman v Superman'


With a movie title like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, you might think that the main reason to see the movie is to watch two iconic superheroes battle each other.

However, that's not the case, at least according to a Fandango survey. Most moviegoers are most interested in a character whose name doesn't even appear in the title: Wonder Woman.

Forget Batman and Superman — audiences want to see Gal Gadot's take on the Amazonian princess, who hasn't seen a successful live-action appearance since the 1970s Lynda Carter television series.

Fandango's survey ran just before the premiere of Batman v Superman, with a whopping 88 percent of viewers saying they were excited about finally getting to see Wonder Woman on the big screen. In comparison, Jesse Eisenberg's portrayal of Lex Luthor got 60 percent of the votes. Over half of those surveyed also stated they would see the film more than once, which will help the movie's odds in becoming a financial success.

It also seems like fans plan on taking sides when Batman and Superman go at it: 59 percent stand with Batman, while only 41 percent choose Superman's side.

Although both Fandango and Rotten Tomatoes have 98 percent of viewers interested in seeing the movie, early reviews are mixed, with many that aren't very favorable. It seems that critics like the actors in the movie, but harshly criticize Zack Snyder's storytelling, something they also took issue with for Man of Steel.

Gal Gadot in particular gets rave reviews for her small role in the movie, which is important since it does seem that her appearance could be why the film ends up becoming successful.

"Crucially, there's a new headliner in town, even if she's not yet playing the big room," writes Michael Phillips for the Chicago Tribune. "Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman helps out in one of several climactic destruction festivals featured in Batman v Superman. Long before she actually suits up, though, you're good and sick of waiting for Gadot to hijack all the rage-y, steroidal, bone-crushing smackdowns setting the tone in Snyder's literal blockbuster."

This is also potentially good news for the solo Wonder Woman movie expected to premiere in 2017.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens on March 25.

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