Some of our close friends seem to know us better than we know ourselves. These are the people you reach out to when you're looking for the best sushi in town or a brand-new artist they know you will have on replay. It's easy to write a Facebook post asking if anyone saw that new blockbuster movie or what book to pick up next, but those suggestions can get lost or forgotten over time.

Now friends can exchange recommendations — whether it be for movies, music, books, restaurants or bars — using a social media app called Wigeon.

Wigeon provides a platform where users can discover new things. Instead of building a site based on the premise of following other users, this app instead takes a more personal approach and has friends posting what their friends will like based on their tastes and interests.

"Wigeon is designed around the direct exchange of recommendations. When you know your best friend is going to love the song that just played, you don't post it to a feed! You tell them directly," founder of the app Max Troop told Tech Times in an email. "Our platform emulates the real world behavior that drives the recommendation process.

Users create recommendations by tapping on Wigeon's "W" icon located in the center at the bottom of the screen. They can send their suggestion to a friend, a group or even themselves.

Categories for the recommendations include watch, listen, go, read and other (where users can enter in a link). The user has the choice of also adding a comment, as well as selecting all tags that apply. The app connects directly with services like YouTube, Spotify, Yelp, OpenTable, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and more, so that users know exactly where to go to find the media or restaurant. Users can also set a reminder so they don't miss when the next episode of their favorite TV series is released.

Recommendations are then displayed in an organized fashion in separate tabs under each category. Users can also view them all in one feed.

Wigeon serves as a social tool as well as a productivity tool. It offers a chat feature so that friends can follow up on checking out that bar or going to catch a new movie they both will love.

It acts as a bookmark for all the things you want to check out, while also being a discovery tool for things that will interest each specific user.

Wigeon is available to download for free for iOS.

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