Twitter is brewing yet another new feature, and it is asking users for input. "Stickers," which is the tentative name, will let users further express themselves through placing pre-made graphics on a picture they want to post.

The social platform is on a constant lookout for measures to increase its popularity, following a reported decline in usage, in terms of tweet volume and growth of the number of users.

Twitter is conducting a research if users really want stickers, or if it's an overkill and a little too similar to other companies such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Path. In addition to checking whether the study will yield positive user reactions, Twitter also has a poll which asks people to select and rank potential names for the feature, with choices like "Stamps," "Stamptags," and "Taptags."

"We're always researching potential new ways to make Twitter more expressive", a spokesperson said.

"Stickers" is still a study, part of the social network's many attempts at expanding its available features, with a slightly similar functionality as the recently released celebrity camera app. Last year, Twitter explored sticker-like emoji options for when the heart icon is just not enough or appropriate for a tweet.

If this feature becomes available, it will definitely attract emoji fans and might inspire users to tweet more photos that are more expressive than their unedited versions. This can let you communicate your thoughts and feelings with a single picture without even having to say a word - especially since Twitter stuck to its 140-character limit after the proposed 10,000 character tweet length extension.

In addition to sticker images, there is also the possible complementary feature that will let a user know if there are other edits done on the same photo, which, according to VentureBeat, will "likely to encourage users to participate in furthering a meme."

Photo: Howard Lake | Flickr

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