It looks like the Internet is the gift that keeps on giving, because somewhere in the digital ether there exists a video of a squadron of people in full Pikachu mascot costumes dancing to Beyoncé's "Formation." Are they Pokémon fans? Beyoncé fans? Who knows! Let's go to Red Lobster.

According to one YouTube user in the clip's comments section, the random crew of move-busting Pikachus was part of an annual Pikachu festival held in Yokohoma, Japan. The festival, which began a couple of years ago, celebrates the popular Pokémon in literally every way it can, including street art, sidewalk fairs and Pikachus in different costumes.

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If you haven't guessed by now from the Instagram caption above, the celebration of all things Pikachu happens in August, which means there is no possible way the dancing Pikachus in the video actually broke it down to Beyoncé's celebratory anthem about black American culture, which was released a day before Super Bowl 2016.

It turns out that the video is actually a recut by a YouTuber named Christian Davis, who saw the original video and decided to sync it up to the song that turned keeping hot sauce in your bag into a bona fide artistic expression.

"I came across this Pikachu dancing mascot footage, I noticed it had the same bounce Beyoncé's 'Formation' song had and when I put them together it worked out," he wrote in the clip's caption.

So what were the Pikachus dancing to at the time the video was originally recorded? As per the same commenter who identified the reason behind the Pikachu dance troupe, the track was apparently Flo Rida's "I Don't Like It, I Love It" featuring Robin Thicke.

As The Verge pointed out, the vid is reminiscent of last year's #BeyonceAlwaysonBeat trend, in which fans around the world created video mash-ups featuring different clips of the singer dancing to songs specifically chosen to produce a hilarious and/or bizarre effect.

Watch a squad of Pikachu dance to Beyoncé's "Formation" in the video clip below.


Source: YouTube

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