Google Can Find Anything - Even The Bat Cave From 'Dawn Of Justice'


There are very, very few things Google can't find, and it looks like the Bat Cave isn't one of them.

Google and the team behind Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice have apparently teamed up for a very unique promo — essentially creating a Google Maps location for the Wayne Mansion, and by way of that, access to the Bat Cave.

Finding the Dark Knight's homestead is as easy as a Google search ... because it is, technically, an actual Google search. All you need to do is type "Bruce Wayne Residence" into the Google Maps search bar to hone in on Batman's HQ, and the software pins it. 

The real draw to the Batman v Superman promotional feature, though, is checking it out with Street View. When you click, Google takes you right into Bruce Wayne's sleek, elegant and obviously expensive lakehouse. A little investigating — and by that, I mean a click down the only available hallway — suddenly places you inside the tunnels leading to the Caped Crusader's tricked-out hang pad. 

Luckily, the Bat Cave has a lot more exploratory possibility than the Wayne Lakehouse proper. Users can check out the parked Batmobile straight out of director Zack Snyder's film, and get an extensive tour of Batman's gadget workshop, his multi-screen control room and his personal arsenal. Making your way to the upper deck reveals the abundantly-muscled Batfleck Batsuit and the Batcopter. 

A few Easter egg-ish set pieces crop up as well: users can stumble upon a large glass display case containing Batsuit in a tag by the Joker (from what I can make out, the graffiti reads "HAHAHA jokes on you Batman").

Despite the fact that Batman v Superman has continued to receive a barrage of negative reviews — enough to make the latest bearer of the Bat helmet earn the nickname Sadfleck — Google Maps' Bat Cave Street View feature might be enough to convince even the most cynical of fans that Snyder's Bat Cave design might be the one HQ to rule them all. As adorable as the upcoming LEGO Batman Movie looks, this win, at least, can probably go straight to BvS.


You can catch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in theaters nationwide today, March 25. If you want to check out the Bat Cave for yourself, click here.


Source: Google

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